>>By the Numbers: June 26, 2020

By the Numbers: June 26, 2020

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CEO Economic Confidence Decreases

The Numbers:

  • CEOs of small to midsize businesses have less confidence in the economy than 2008 recession levels
  • 80% reported ‘some level of revenue decline’
  • 41% said they plan to maintain staffing levels
  • Source: Vistage

Financial Services Professionals Experiencing Job Security

The Numbers:

  • In spite of a negative economic outlook, financial services professionals are confident in their job security
  • 57% have confidence in keeping their jobs over the next six months
  • 62% forecast a worsening economy over the next year
  • Source: Phaidon International Group

Healthcare Recruiters See More Activity

The Numbers:

  • The healthcare job market may be leveling off due to an increase in recruiting activity along with less position closures
  • 43% of employers are recruiting or have increased recruiting activities in May from April
  • 56% of employers that perform elective procedures have had at least half or more of their volumes return
  • Source: The Medicus Firm

BountyJobs Reports: Key Strategic Shifts in Hiring and Leadership Within Talent Acquisition

The economic landscape has severely impacted talent acquisition, so we created this piece to help employers create a plan to thrive. From strategic partnering on business objectives to recruitment marketing strategy revisions, we dive into how employers can audit their current state of affairs, make changes to evolve as a more cohesive and competitive organization, and ultimately ramp up quickly.

The Numbers:

  • Strategic partnering on business objectives
  • Recruitment marketing strategy revisions
  • Ramping up, looking ahead

Temp Jobs Still Critical During COVID-19

The Numbers:

  • Temp jobs may return to the workplace sooner than permanent positions
  • For 72% of workers needing income, temp jobs are critical
  • 60% are concerned they won’t be able to find a full-time, permanent job this year
  • Source: TrueBlue Inc.

Pre-Recession Levels Not Until 2023?

The Numbers:

  • Per a recent report, the global health crisis has ‘morphed into a Depression-like crisis’
  • A forecasted 42% annual rate of decline in real GDP for the current quarter will be followed by a ‘swoosh’ recovery getting back to 2019 Q4 levels in early 2023
  • Source: UCLA Anderson Forecast

Jobless Claims Continue at Over a Million

The Numbers:

  • 5 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits for a 14th week
  • The total number of claims is 19.5 million, down from the almost 25 million in early May
  • An additional 728,000 filed for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
  • Source: NY Times

Workforce Confidence Increases

The Numbers:

  • This confidence boost is partly due to freelancers, contractors, and self-employed professionals as employers are hiring these for projects rather than hiring full-time employees during this economic crisis
  • The biggest jump in confidence was seen in the Plains and Rocky Mountain regions
  • Retail, construction, manufacturing and travel are showing the most signs of willing to return to work, or are already back to work
  • Source: LinkedIn
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