>>40% of Senior Managers: Candidate Ghosting Increasingly More Common

40% of Senior Managers: Candidate Ghosting Increasingly More Common

Over 30% (34.5% to be exact) of private-sector employers increased remote work due to impacts felt from the pandemic. That climbed to over half for industries such as business services, financial activities, educational services and the information industry. Changes to compensation and benefits also felt a big stir with almost 15% private-sector employers raising base wages. The industry with the highest wage increase? That honor goes to the accommodation and food service industries – at almost 35%! That’s just about 15% more than retail which was second on the list of wage increases. As well, about 25% of private-sector employers started to offer flexible or staggered work hours due to the pandemic.

Reskilling is where it’s at…at least according to leaders in talent acquisition. Recruiting, upskilling, and DEI training are top areas of interest and are forecasted to continue to be for the next three years. Reskilling, sourcing talent, and multiskilling continue to be three main priorities for talent pros – a recent survey had these responses increase in rank, up 36%, 73%, and 68% respectively. According to this survey, these five areas are key – changes in leadership and managerial competencies (45%), organizational agility (56%), tech strategy (66%), employee work models (74%), and DEI (78%).

To fill gaps caused by the labor shortage, many companies are looking toward offering part-time and flexible-hour roles in lieu of candidates for otherwise full-time jobs. Postings for these roles have increased 13% over the last 30 days…with some seeing an increase of 3,000%. Almost 20% of job postings are now part-time or include flexible hours.

Candidate ghosting doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, in fact, it’s actually increasing. Almost 40% of senior manager respondents to a recent survey stated that “it’s more common for job candidates to cut off communication now than two years ago”.  A ghosting spike of 48% for those hiring technology roles and 42% for those hiring admin and customer support roles has been reported.

In a separate survey, professionals cited the main reason for ghosting a prospective employer:

  • The interview process was poor: 33%
  • They received another job offer: 29%
  • The job was not what they expected: 23%
  • A mandatory return-to-office policy was implemented: 16%

Skills-based hiring is making a strong comeback. Back in the early 2000s, job postings were all about degree requirements…it became known as “degree inflation”. Now, employers are stressing the importance of skills over degrees – especially for roles that considered ‘middle-skill’ positions.

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