>>By the Numbers: July 5, 2019

By the Numbers: July 5, 2019

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U.S. Adds 102,000 Nonfarm Jobs in June, Further Slowdown Expected

The Numbers:

  • 102,000 nonfarm jobs were added in the U.S. in June, signaling further slowdown
  • June’s outcome is up from the 41,000 added in May but down from the 255,000 added in April and 158,000 added in March
  • Source: ADP National Employment Report

Transportation & Logistics Fastest-Growing Industry

The Numbers:

  • Job openings in June rose just 1.4% year over year
  • Median base pay rose 1.7% in June to $53,422 per year
  • Transportation & Logistics fastest-growing industry in spite of job growth slowdown
  • Source: Glassdoor

Tech Roles Take Top Billing in Mid-Year Report

The Numbers:

  • 67% of respondents to a recent report believe the ‘labor market is driven by job seekers, and therefore more than one-third plan to look for a new job this year’.
  • Software developer (31%), registered nurse (15%), and computer support specialist (11%) are some of the jobs with the highest projected job growth rate over the next ten years
  • Source: Monster

Finding Talent is HR’s Top Challenge

The Numbers:

  • Knocking regulatory compliance out of the top spot, attracting talent is now the top HR concern
  • About 50% of HR leaders stated it’s ‘difficult to find hires, including those that fit the company culture’.
  • Retention is also a top challenge with almost half of HR leaders
  • 90% of HR leaders stated they now have a voice in company strategy and the decision-making process, up 10% from previous years
  • Source: Paychex

U.S. Economic Growth Longest in History

The Numbers:

  • The U.S. economic expansion is now the longest period of economic growth in U.S. history at 121 months
  • The longest expansion previously was 120 months, which ended with the dot-com crash of 2001
  • Source: National Bureau of Economic Research

AI Job Posting Growth Slows

The Numbers:

  • AI job postings increased on Indeed 29.1% year over year but were lower than the past two years (57.9% for May 2017 to May 2018 and 136.3% between May 2016 and May 2017)
  • Searches for AI jobs decreased 14.5% from May 2018 to May 2019 which could suggest that there are more job openings in AI than workers to fill them

The top 5 jobs involving AI skills included:

  1. Machine learning engineer
  2. Deep learning engineer
  3. Senior data scientist
  4. Computer vision engineer
  5. Data scientists

Walmart Using Virtual Reality for Candidate Assessment

The Numbers:

  • Virtual reality headsets to assess candidates for middle management roles in Walmart are being used in hopes to reduce bias in hiring decisions
  • These skills assessments help test candidates’ strengths and can impact promotion and training decisions
  • Source: LinkedIn

Low Percentage of Americans Feel Colleges Prep Graduates for Future Jobs

The Numbers:

  • Only 22% of U.S. adults agree that colleges are graduating well-prepared workers ‘for future jobs involving technology’
  • Two-thirds of U.S. respondents ranked the cost of education (65%) and lack of time (61%) as top obstacles to seeking more training
  • Source: Gallup and Northeastern University

Lack of Clarity in Job Roles Keeps Tech Candidates Away

The Numbers:

  • 80% of professional and student developers stated that a ‘lack of clarity regarding a job opening sours them on potential employers’.
  • Lack of follow-up and misalignment with values and cultures are other top reasons
  • Source: HackerRank

Gig Workers Value Steady Work Over Higher Pay

The Numbers:

  • Gig workers and freelancers in the U.S. and U.K. would take steady employment even if it meant lower pay
  • U.S. and U.K. workers would give up about half of their hourly wage for a permanent contract rather than a one-month one
  • U.K. workers were willing to forego about 35% of their hourly wage, while in the U.S. about 27% of workers said the same
  • Source: Centre for Economic Performance
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