>>By the Numbers: January 3, 2020

By the Numbers: January 3, 2020

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New State Minimum Wages Launch with the New Year

The Numbers:

  • 21 states will implement new minimum wages, with 4 more and D.C. coming later in the year
  • $15.00 will be the highest minimum wage in 2020, and will be in Washington, D.C. starting July 1, 2020
  • Source: Paycor

Most U.S. Workers Experiencing Flat Salaries

The Numbers:

  • 50% of U.S. workers haven’t seen an increase in salary, whether from a raise or job change in the past year
  • 38% of those that have had a raise said it was based on performance
  • 31% of those that were given a raise were promoted or received additional responsibilities
  • Source: Bankrate

Recession and Talent Shortage Top Business Concerns

The Numbers:

  • The biggest external concern of CEOs remained the risk of a recession
  • Attracting and retaining talent was the top internal concern
  • Source: The Conference Board

BountyJobs Reports – Year in Review: Talent Acquisition in 2019 and the 2020 Impact

The Numbers:

  • A whopping 43% of professionals plan to look for a new job over the next 12 months
  • The majority of employers, 61%, planned to raise wages in 2019, which was up from 48% in 2018. What’s in store for 2020?
  • Manufacturing saw consecutive increases in employment for over 18 straight months, the longest stretch since the mid-1990s. However, around 90% of manufacturing
    companies couldn’t fill all of their open roles.
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