AI in Recruiting: Data Mining in the 21st Century

While AI (artificial intelligence) in recruiting might still be shiny and new, chances are, if you’ve been out in the job market as a job seeker or TA professional recently, you’ve come across this use of technology. The power of AI is the capability to sort through the myriad data types, review a variety of variables, and identify trends that might not be obvious to the average person.  More often than not, candidates don’t hear back after submitting an application – according to Forbes, that’s about 85% of applicants.  On the flip side, 71% of employers say they have trouble finding a perfect match for their roles. Enter…AI. The AI market is hot and competitive in each industry it touches, and TA is no exception.  Per Fortune.com, about 75 startups are fighting to get their share of the $100 billion HR assessment market. Further, Josh Bersin, principal at Bersin by Deloitte, states, “I get emails [...]

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The BountyJobs Effect: Customer Testimonial

Straight from the Source: Greg Berry, Recruiting Manger for Epsilon - a global Marketing company,  has partnered with BountyJobs since 2012.  Greg sat down with us to speak candidly on how his group handled talent acquisition before BountyJobs as well as the impact found after implementing the BountyJobs solution. In this video, you'll learn how partnering with BountyJobs changed the landscape of Epsilon's recruiting process and results. He reviews a few 'A-Ha Moments' that highlighted the changes seen by his team of recruiters and executive management that really summed up the value brought to them via the BountyJobs process. Also explored are specific ways in which the BountyJobs platform has effected their recruitment method, their experience with BountyJobs Customer Success Representatives, as well as how the BountyJobs Marketplace helped find stellar candidates for hard to fill roles in challenging locations. Do the challenges that Greg and team were facing sound familiar to your organization's experiences? [...]

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TMA Summits – Philadelphia 2017

The TMA Healthcare Recruiting Summit and Talent Acquisition Summit were held August 15th & 16th in Philadelphia.  It was a privilege for us to not only attend the sessions, but to present as well.  Our own Regional Director, Shannon McAulay-Newcomb, spoke on the topic, 'Demystifying Recruitment Analytics: Winning the War for Talent in Healthcare'.  Regional Directors Roger Dowie and Katrina Polansky rounded out our coverage of these events as we also hosted a table to field questions and engage in informative discussions with conference attendees.   Here's What We Found Data is King Our topic turned out to be timely, and was a key theme throughout both days of each summit. Collecting data, and more importantly deciphering it in a meaningful way, is significant when distinguishing yourself in competitive markets. The concept of 'big data' was also fundamental in the day’s discussions. While gathering large amounts of data to be analyzed is nothing new, the [...]

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Spotlight on 3rd Party Search: Information Technology

The growth of IT as an industry continues to be on the rise as expected. IT is unique in that it represents an industry, as well as a job category with a variety of roles across many different industry verticals. The demand for quality candidates is also on the rise and at a quicker pace than employers can keep up with. Demand is Increasing in Non-Traditional Tech Hubs Traditionally, a handful of cities served as the ‘hubs’ for opportunities within the IT space.  While the San Francisco Bay Area, LA, and NY still create significant output, demand for IT talent is increasing nationwide. Our 2017 Agency Recruiting Benchmark Report for Information Technology saw IT job postings in 38 states, as well as Canada and the European Union.  43% of those were in the northeastern US. The fact that many companies going to search for IT roles are offering remote work options could be a leading [...]

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Are You Getting the Most Out of 3rd Party Search? [Free Download]

Our report from more than 1,000 surveyed HR, TA, and Recruitment professionals may surprise you. 3rd party search is a commonly used recruitment channel for most companies.  Our survey focused on exploring the unique relationship between companies seeking to fill roles and 3rd party recruitment agencies sourcing talent on their behalf.
  If everyone uses search and not necessarily in the same way, how do you maximize the effectiveness and return from this channel? Download our Out To Search: A 3rd Party Recruiting Collaboration & Performance Survey to discover: Critical Reasons Search is a Staple Top Employer and Agency Challenges (they’re solvable!) Key Metrics that Make the Most Impact What This Means for 2017 Tackling the Data Monster Whether your organization is simply looking to get a picture of what you spend on search in a year, or you are focused on optimizing the results from your investment in 3rd party recruiting, you need data. And [...]

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