Are You Getting the Most Out of 3rd Party Search? [Free Download]

Our report from more than 1,000 surveyed HR, TA, and Recruitment professionals may surprise you.

3rd party search is a commonly used recruitment channel for most companies.  Our survey focused on exploring the unique relationship between companies seeking to fill roles and 3rd party recruitment agencies sourcing talent on their behalf.
  If everyone uses search and not necessarily in the same way, how do you maximize the effectiveness and return from this channel?

Download our Out To Search: A 3rd Party Recruiting Collaboration & Performance Survey to discover:

  • Critical Reasons Search is a Staple
  • Top Employer and Agency Challenges (they’re solvable!)
  • Key Metrics that Make the Most Impact
  • What This Means for 2017

Tackling the Data Monster

Whether your organization is simply looking to get a picture of what you spend on search in a year, or you are focused on optimizing the results from your investment in 3rd party recruiting, you need data. And before you can have data, you need tools and processes to capture that data. Our survey found that less than 21% of organizations track ROI for 3rd Party Search. Our survey report reveals the top metrics to ensure your organization is tracking for optimal success.

The Challenges Aren’t One-Sided

As expected, issues on both sides of the desk were discovered – we see communication and expectation setting as the two main friction points between employers and agencies collaborating on roles. The good news is the majority of the challenges we found are solvable and many teams are already looking at ways to overcome them (this year!).

We know TA organizations rely on 3rd party search to fill roles and they are going to continue to do so. From executive and hard to fill roles to support for strapped recruiting teams; both employers and agencies are gearing up for continued and expanded collaboration in 2017.

See how well-poised your organization is to fully utilize third party search for success.

Download our Out To Search: A 3rd Party Recruiting Collaboration & Performance Survey

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