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We’re talking about Quality Hires at ERE Fall 2015 (Booth #210)

The attendees of ERE next week are all aiming to do one thing – fulfill their mission to improve the quality of their hires. Here at BountyJobs, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be a part of that conversation.

There are many different moving parts that go into quality recruiting. We’ll be talking about the one piece of recruiting that is frequently the biggest hassle – onboarding, managing, and paying direct hire recruiting agencies.

Let’s talk about a solution to the biggest recruiting challenge

We’ll be sharing all the great aspects of BountyJobs and how our marketplace can make the largest chunk of your budget—and your biggest headache—almost disappear. We’ll be armed with product demos, veteran recruiters, and BountyJobs experts.

ere recruiting conference

Our unique marketplace allows us to collect data surrounding average agency fees, the frequency at which recruiters pay agencies premium fees, and the state of the market, and we want to share it with you! Come talk to us to hear about some of our unique industry data, just released in our 2015 Interim Direct Hire Agency Benchmarking Report.

Let’s have some fun together at the show: activities and giveaways

Trade shows aren’t all business. Some exciting aspects of ERE will be the chance to network, learn new skills, and participate in fun activities.

We’re excited for a couple of giveaways and activities we’ll be doing at our booth (#210) in Atlanta next week.

Win a free TV

This time at ERE, we’re giving away a 43” Vizio M-Series TV. Come drop your business card at our booth for a chance to win.

Confession – we’re running this giveaway because we’re hoping that when you’ll stop by, you’ll talk to us about what it’s like to be a recruiter that works with direct hire agencies. Say hello when you drop off your business card!

Take our survey

Since this year’s was such a success, early next year we’re releasing the 2016 Direct Hire Agency Benchmarking Report. We’re hoping to gain some outside perspective on direct hire agency recruiting, in addition to the data shared from our marketplace.

We’re giving ERE attendees a chance to play a part this time around. Fill out our survey at the booth in five minutes or less.

Check out there recruiting conferencee dancing robots

No booth would be complete without swag. You’ll definitely want to come pick up one of our mascots for this round – our dancing BountyJobs robots.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the show. In the meantime, if you’re interested in simplifying your direct hire recruiting agency process and what to talk to some experts about how to do so, drop us a line.


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