>>Top 3 Signs You Should Use a Recruiting Agency

Top 3 Signs You Should Use a Recruiting Agency

An open position just landed in your to-do pile and you’re swamped. Well, you’re always swamped, but this particular position is going to be a headache because it requires a lot of attention – it’s a highly critical position for the company, it’s going to require outreach to some passive candidates, and it needs to be filled as quickly as possible.

If you had the time and bandwidth, you and your team could easily tackle it, but right now it’s just not possible.

Sound familiar? Maybe some of the positions you’re working on currently have one or all of these qualities, but they all have the same solution – send the job to search with a direct hire recruiting agency.

Sending a job to search can be a pain. Without the right tools and planning, it can be a tough to manage when several agencies are working on the same requisition. For these reasons, recruiting leaders are choosy about when to send a job to search and when to keep the job in-house.

Despite the challenges, direct hire recruiting agencies are a huge part of talent acquisition – but how do you know when to use them and when to not? These are the three most popular reasons recruiters decide to send a job to search:

You have to fill a highly-critical position, yesterday.

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Highly critical positions usually need to be filled as quickly as possible – and they need to be filled with quality talent.

Not only is time to fill a top priority when positions are highly-critical, we consistently hear from organizations throughout all industries that it’s always a priority for talent acquisition. The problem is that it’s getting worse – as we have previously explored, time to fill is at an all-time high.

As reported by ERE Media, the Dice-DFH Vacancy Duration Measure says it took an average of 26.8 working days to fill jobs in February. In January, the average was 25.7 working days.

To make matters worse, when a high-priority requisition opens up, it takes precedence. Getting that position filled quickly can slow down other important projects if your team doesn’t have the bandwidth.

In this case, consider sending the job to search. Direct hire agency teams can dedicate more time to your highly-critical projects and make sure the timeline for other projects doesn’t lag while you move a critical position through the pipeline.

You’re looking for very specific certifications, degrees or experience.

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When you’re looking for a candidate to fill a niche position, you might be having a rough time finding someone with specific qualifications – specialty degrees, certifications, and experience within a certain industry or type of organization.

Direct hire recruiting agencies operate in these niche circles and keep a finger on the pulse of their industry specialty. Their expertise in this area is amplified by their outreach with their databases, networking events, and social media skills.

If you’re lacking in any of these areas – especially social media – consider using a direct hire recruiting agency to supplement your efforts.

LinkedIn’s recent report, “Global Recruiting Trends 2016,” shows that social media has become the top source for recruiting for niche positions.

If you decide to work with a direct hire recruiting agency when sending a job to search, choose one with a specialty in the niche you’re looking to fill as well as any skills you may need to supplement – like social media.

Their experience working within certain fields will help move the hiring process through the pipeline, as they are up-to-date on trends within the industries in which they specialize.

The perfect candidate for the position exists – he or she just works somewhere else.

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Not all perfect candidates are actively looking for a job. Poaching passive candidates is sometimes necessary, and can be difficult if you don’t have information about your competitor’s talent.

Passive recruiting is becoming more popular as the race for top talent tightens, and is a method most talent acquisition teams are the least prepared for:

LinkedIn reported, only 61% of global companies have a strategy for passive candidate recruiting. The latest data on the passive/active candidate split shows over 75% of professionals are passive — they would not proactively seek out and apply to jobs.

Direct hire recruiting agencies keep tabs on the talent in their industry, and may already know of a good passive candidate for your open position.

The takeaway – use direct hire recruiting agencies to supplement gaps in your talent team’s experience, bandwidth or strategy. If an open position is stretching your team too thin in any of these ways, consider sending the job to search.

Here at BountyJobs, we want to marry each open requisition you have with the perfect direct hire agency to fill it. For broad access to our huge direct hire recruiting agency marketplace, sign up.


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