>>Spotlight on 3rd Party Search: Information Technology

Spotlight on 3rd Party Search: Information Technology

The growth of IT as an industry continues to be on the rise as expected. IT is unique in that it represents an industry, as well as a job category with a variety of roles across many different industry verticals. The demand for quality candidates is also on the rise and at a quicker pace than employers can keep up with.

Demand is Increasing in Non-Traditional Tech Hubs

Traditionally, a handful of cities served as the ‘hubs’ for opportunities within the IT space.  While the San Francisco Bay Area, LA, and NY still create significant output, demand for IT talent is increasing nationwide. Our 2017 Agency Recruiting Benchmark Report for Information Technology saw IT job postings in 38 states, as well as Canada and the European Union.  43% of those were in the northeastern US.

The fact that many companies going to search for IT roles are offering remote work options could be a leading factor in national and international growth. In addition to the usual suspects, states such as New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio encompass an impressive amount of tech sector jobs – according to the report Cyberstates 2017.

Salaries Continue to Be on the Upswing

While our report saw a bit of a leveling off in salaries last year, the trend is still on the upward swing. We have seen a steady increase in IT salaries over the past 5 years, with salaries continuing to be higher than the market average. IT roles cover a broad set of job categories, with a broad range of skill sets and corresponding salaries. For this reason, salaries and fees are a crucial leverage point for use in securing top IT talent.

Critical IT roles sent out to third party search focused more on specialized jobs rather than leadership roles. Non-managerial roles requiring highly specialized candidates led the way in recruiting needs. The sub-industry of Financial Services had the highest percentage of IT roles sent out to search, such as Commercial Banking and Mortgage. Developers continue to be the most sought-after position with the largest search volume.

Competitive Industry

Companies from every industry are competing for skilled candidates to fill their critical IT roles. Our report includes recommendations for optimizing third party search for employers as well as best practices for working with agencies. See how your agency recruitment metrics stack up against other companies hiring for IT roles, as well as the market as a whole.

To learn more about trends in IT fees, salaries, and performance related to third party search:

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