>>Scavenging at the Met, Bowling & a New Office with BountyJobs

Scavenging at the Met, Bowling & a New Office with BountyJobs

September was a big month for the BountyJobs team. We’ve been gearing up for some changes around our office, and in the midst of the excitement, we’ve had some fun of our own.

Spending the bulk of our days chipping away at the direct hire recruiting agency grind, we’ve had some exciting events this month outside of the office just bonding with the team.

Bowling Adventures in Midtown

bountyjobs new york team

With a couple of new hires joining our team recently (me included), our office went out for a night with the sales and finance teams at the Frames Bowling Lounge in Midtown.

We discovered some would-be bowling pros on our team, while the rest of us gave it our best as we had fun knocking down pins late into the evening.

Finding Each Other’s Doppelgangers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Our team spent the afternoon together with Museum Hack, a unique tour company that takes a more whimsical approach to the traditional museum scavenger hunt. Instead of giving us a checklist with a list of treasures to find, we walked around the Met together taking photos in the hopes of winning a prize.

bountyjobs new york team

The funniest of our photos came from our office’s two best categories; find a doppelganger of someone in your office and find the best horse’s butt. We wrapped up the evening with some wine and good conversation, roaming around the Met together until after closing hours.

Say Goodbye to the Cubicles and Hello to the New Office Digs

bountyjobs new york team

Excitement is humming throughout our office in light of our new collaborative work space in New York. In an open office setting, we’re feeling more creative, more talkative, and more upbeat in the open area, with less barriers between us than before.

s8bzoCheck out the new space in action – the team is already feeling jazzed about the open air. Smiles across the board.

We spend our days trying to make the lives of recruiting leaders easier, providing them with a technological advantage that allows them to manage all of their direct hire agencies in one place.

BountyJobs is growing, and we’re always on the lookout for friendly and talented folk who have a passion for technology and good quality hiring. Want to join our team? Let us know.


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