>>Scariest Nightmares for Recruiting Executives

Scariest Nightmares for Recruiting Executives

Have any spooky, scary plans for Halloween? Frankly, I am terrified to see if my boss comes into the office after wrapping himself in toilet paper with no shirt underneath (in a wretched mummy costume #FAIL) like last year.

executive recruiters as a bunnyMaybe I should request the day off. I really don’t think adults should be wearing costumes; leave that fun for the kids…no one needs to see Jim the janitor in tights or Robin, the receptionist in a ultra-creepy, giant, fluffy rabbit costume.

Whether your office is celebrating Halloween or not, at BountyJobs, we’ve been fixated on spooks of another sort. The biggest spooks for recruiting executives that fill some of their open jobs through headhunters.

If you are one of those recruiting execs that knows exactly what is being spent on recruiting agencies in your company – R.I.P. If not, you may end up as a ghost stuck in purgatory trying to get your own job back. Here’s our Halloween special of sorts – and it goes out to all the nightmares on recruiter street.

Recruiting Executives:


Top 3 Nightmares on Recruiter Street

  1. Zombie Apocalypse of Agency Spend. You are trying your best to keep a responsible eye on agency spend, but hiring managers are going around you and spending all willy nilly. It feels like the zombie apocalypse and everyone is pillaging the local convenience store.

    AKA: taking all your precious money and resources. Most recruiting executives who end up coming to BountyJobs are beginning to understand just how crazy their agency spend problem is. And trust us, it feels like the zombie apocalypse.

  2. Recruiting Executives Scared Stupid. The troll here is a contractual crisis. It boils down to legal risk. In many recruiting departments, hiring managers sign contract after contract never caring what legal risk they may be exposing the company to.

    Do they have a clue what candidate ownership issues need to be addressed? What about indemnity? The real nightmare begins with an OFCCP audit. Don’t let your hiring managers be too “Earnest” with contract signatures that may put the company at risk.

  3. Gremlin Power. If you take on the responsibility of a Mogwai (hiring managers, etc.), and then let things get out of hand, you could end up with the epic pool scene out of Gremlins. At the end of the day, as recruiting executives you can end up with all the responsibility and none of the power.

    It is already your duty to deal with all the “fun” stuff like candidate disputes, ATS rejections and more. When thing go crazy, it just leaves you with more problems and bigger messes to clean up. Keep your Mogwai in check and take control of the reins. No one wants thousands of Gremlins terrorizing the city, and you don’t want to be the one responsible for it.

Don’t let your job as recruiting executives end like a slasher movie. We all know running up the stairs or into the basement will end and it isn’t pretty. Stand your ground and handle problems with agency spend, contracts, and power before it’s too late. Use a chainsaw if you must (at least for dramatic flair).

Recruiting Executives – tell us your worst nightmare in recruiterville and we’ll share with the entire BountyJobs community on Halloween with the hashtag #recruiterspooks. See you on social media!


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