>>5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Recruiters

5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Recruiters

It’s that time of year for spending time with family, eating turkey and the aroma of pumpkin pie – but it’s also time to be thankful for the great aspects of everyday life, including those we work with.

Recruiters work hard all year long – sifting through resumes, working with external agencies, prepping new employees and executing onboarding plans. This Thanksgiving, we have a ton of reasons to be thankful for them.

Here at BountyJobs, we’d like to say a big thank you to all of the recruiters we know and have worked with. Below are several reasons that we’re thankful for recruiters this holiday season:

They’re innovative in the way they find candidates.

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Who better to be thankful for than the person who crafted that killer email, piece of content or job description that landed your department that perfect hire?

We’re thankful for the innovative and creative ways that recruiters find job candidates to improve their organizations from the inside out.

They sift through the resumes that completely miss the mark for you.

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Sometimes the job is tough – recruiters are inundated with hundreds of resumes to sift through, many of which are probably not relevant to the job position at hand.

We’re thankful for the leg-work put in by those in the recruiting field, and those who work to make sure that only the top quality candidates come through the door.

They’re great communicators.

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Recruiters spend most of their day talking to people – and they’re great at it. They talk about their organizations, their company cultures, and the opportunities that candidates have for their futures.

It’s all very important stuff. Not only is it important for their organization, but for the hundreds of candidates who walk through their doors every year, and for their futures. We’re thankful for their great communication skills, and the impact they have for their organizations.

They gracefully weed out candidates who haven’t been completely honest on their resumes.

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Not everyone is honest, and recruiters have been given the task of human lie detector when it comes to screening candidates and weeding through resumes. They’re on the front lines of an organization, making sure only the honest, top-quality candidates make it through the door.

We’re thankful for their screening powers, and the effort they exert to bring in people who will benefit their organizations, and to match candidates with organizations that will benefit them.

They bring energy into your work environment.

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Recruiters are the ones with positive energy, the smiles and the upbeat personality. They have fun with their job, and they enjoy being with people by nature.

We’re thankful for their positive energy charisma, and all the fun they bring to their offices.

Here at BountyJobs, we want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. We’re thankful for the recruiters we know. What are you thankful for this year?


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