>>Larger Points to Consider When Sourcing for a Role

Larger Points to Consider When Sourcing for a Role

Working with BountyJobs, from the Support Team viewpoint, presents a host of perspectives.
We in the Support Team are literally at the frontlines of the questions, whims and concerns of headhunters and employers. For a while, there has been an understanding that some changes were necessary for our recruiter users and the functionality for their portion of our site.

As many of you know, here at BountyJobs we’ve revamped our headhunter site. The site presents a plethora of new features, and ultimately a cleaner, sleeker and more contemporary look.

One of the new features of the new site remodel, for our recruiter users, is the use of a flame icon. The flame icon listed to the right of a bounty title is what’s known as the ‘priority bounty symbol.’ A priority bounty is understood to be a highlighted role, denoting that an employer is interested in filling the role as soon as possible.


Priority bounties provide for fuller information and content for a particular role posted. While the feature is undoubtedly exclusive to BountyJobs, the notion as a standalone concept remains intriguing.

What makes one role more attractive than another? What makes a role viable? What makes a role appealing and ‘hot’? Even without having the use of an indicating icon, there are understood factors within the recruiting industry which contribute to a role being perceived as ‘prime’ or ‘attractive.’

  1. Immediate Placements. Immediate placements are viable roles. Often times, an employer may need to fill a role immediately, or at least as soon as possible. This means a faster start date.

    Since there’s an interest in hiring someone quickly, there may be an increase in the compensation package offered. There is also more openness for negotiating for the right candidate who is able to fill the open position.

  1. Competitive Roles. Competitive roles which are difficult to place are at the top of the list for being appealing. In this case, an employer is selective, sometimes painfully (!) selective.

    Criterion is extremely detailed and all points matter toward finding a potential hire who is identical to the candidate profile for a role.

  1. Multi-fill Roles. Multi-fill roles are also attractive, as an employer is interested in placing more than one candidate for the same type of role. There’s opportunity presented with a multi-fill role, as there is the advantage of sourcing multiple similar candidates for the same type of role.

    Akin to the saying of ‘kill two birds with one stone,’ recruiters are able to sell one role to multiple candidates at the same time.

Viewable icon or not, the three abovementioned points are strong factors to consider and look out for when looking for the role deserving of the highest priority when sourcing candidates.


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