>>By the Numbers: October 19, 2018

By the Numbers: October 19, 2018

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Job Openings Hit New Record High

The Numbers:  August saw an 18.1% increase in job openings year over year as that number hit 7.1 million. There were about 6.2 million unemployed in August as well. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the number of job openings in August not only hit a new record but outpaced the number of unemployed in the same month by 902,000.

Growth in Number of Needed RNs to Jump 28%

The Numbers: Per research from RegisteredNursing.org, the number of registered nurses needed in the U.S. is to soar by 28.4% (3.6 million) by the year 2030. Most states seem set to keep up with demand, however, California has the largest deficit of an estimated 44,500.

Canada Adding Tech Jobs

The Numbers: Employment for tech roles in Canada increased by nearly 45k jobs in 2017 – an estimated 1.2 million workers, per the Cyberprovinces 2018 report from CompTIA. In 2017, the net tech employment in Canada was around 8.4% of the overall Canadian workforce.

BountyJobs Reports: Technology and the Future of Talent Acquisition

The Numbers: Does your recruiting strategy lean heavily on social media? Have you integrated texting in your reach out methods? How about predictive tools? Are you looking at ways to update legacy technologies?  These topics and others will be explored to ensure you are light years ahead of your competition. Download the report!

Employees: Managers Based Pay on Feelings, Not Skills

The Numbers: Employees feel that age, race, and gender have more to do with setting pay rather than skill, per a study by Beqom.  31% of U.S. of U.S. employees don’t feel employers pay fairly due to age or race and 48% believe men are paid more than women.

Amazon Gives Pay Increases in Response to Decreased Bonuses

The Numbers: Some workers will receive an additional pay bump to make up for the loss of bonuses and stock options Amazon took away due to raising wages to $15 an hour, per the Seattle Times. Pay bumps from 25 cents to $2 an hour have been given and the company will give employment anniversary cash bonuses of $1,500 after five years and $3,000 every five years thereafter to make up for lost stock awards.

Raises for Canadian Workers in 2019 to Match 2018

The Numbers: A survey by Willis Towers Watson found that Canadian employers expect to pay out similar raise amounts in 2019 as they did in 2018. “The 2018 General Industry Salary Budget Survey found Canadian employers project to give professional and client management employees average pay increases of 2.8% in 2019, unchanged from 2018. Production and manual labor employees can expect an increase next year of 2.7%, the same increase as this year.”

Japan Facing Severe Labor Shortage

The Numbers: As Japan’s population ages, the country is running low on workers and is looking to hire foreign workers to fill the gap. The Technical Intern Training Program in Japan grew by over 75% between 2011 and 2017, including 250,000 workers from Vietnam, China, and Indonesia last year to fill full-time roles, per Marketplace.

Toxic Managers Common for Most Employees

The Numbers: 76% of respondents stated they currently have or have had a toxic boss, per a survey from Monster. More than 25% felt those bad bosses were ‘power-hungry’. About a fifth said their managers were ‘micromanagers’.

Bad Website Could Mean Bye-Bye Candidates

The Numbers: 65% of millennial job seekers ranked online job boards as their top place for finding a new job, per a survey from CheekyMonkey. Almost 44% stated that industry-specific recruiters were their preferred method when looking for a new job. The survey found that 63% of respondents stated a poor website was their number one reason not to use that recruitment agency to find a job.

Travel Nursing Attractive to Millennials

The Numbers: Lifestyle and higher pay are calling many millennials to the role of travel nurse. Nurses in their 40s and 50s who are no longer raising children at home also are lured to this role.

Initiatives to Increase the Number of Women in Tech

The Numbers: 31% of respondents to a survey from Harvey Nash state that their ‘organizations provide career development programs for women once they’ve been hired’ which is a 41% increase over the previous two years. About 29% of respondents state that their companies do have programs that support the recruiting and hiring of women in technology.

Top Reasons Why Candidates Move On

The Numbers: About 50% of job seekers that respond to a recruiter’s message do so because the message was interesting per a report from Ceridian. Another third will respond if the company’s reputation is positive, and 28% will do so if they are not satisfied with their current job. Salary, work-life balance, and job location were cited as the top three motivating factors for looking for a new role.

Pittsburgh Top City for Jobs

The Numbers: The best cities for jobs are Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Indianapolis per data from Glassdoor. The list ranks U.S. cities with the highest Glassdoor City Score. Here are the top 5:

  1. Pittsburgh: Score 4.7; Hot jobs: Financial advisor, registered nurse, warehouse associate
  2. Louis: Score 4.3; Hot jobs: Cloud engineer, business analyst, insurance agent
  3. Indianapolis: Score 4.3; Hot jobs: Mechanical engineer, marketing manager, truck driver
  4. Cincinnati: Score 4.2; Hot jobs: Account executive, software engineer, sales associate
  5. Hartford, Conn.: Score 4.2; Hot jobs: Electrical engineer, teacher, maintenance technician

Maine Increases Perks to Attract Younger Workers

The Numbers:  Through their Educational Opportunity Tax Credit program, Maine is helping students pay off their loans in order to attract them to their workforce. The state has a median age of 43 which is five years older than the rest of the country.

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