>>By the Numbers: November 23, 2018

By the Numbers: November 23, 2018

Hard to Hire 2018: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition

Our annual survey report is hot off the presses! ‘Hard to Hire 2018: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition’ covers the valuable data captured from our annual survey and serves it up to you in an easy-to-digest report.

Over 500 Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Hiring Manager, and Recruitment professionals from a wide variety of industries and company sizes responded to this important survey. The talent acquisition challenges of today are unparalleled, so we ask, how are you navigating this roller coaster of recruiting while staying in front of your competition?

The Realities of Today’s Hiring Landscape

Today’s hiring environment is the hardest it’s been in decades! 90% of respondents feel the current hiring market is more challenging now than in the past. The culprit selected more than others? The historically low unemployment rate and gaps in skills needed for current open roles were just about tied at 69% and 71% respectively. There are less people out there looking for a job and it’s harder than ever to lure those passive candidates away from their current role.

What makes a position hard to fill?  While 67% cited that hiring in competitive industries caused much of their challenges, the obstacles were split among responding groups. The lowest challenges on the list were ‘overwhelmed internal recruiters’ and ‘the hire being outside the internal recruiter’s area of expertise’ at 22% and 17% respectively. To get the full data surrounding these challenges, download the full report.

Impactful Solutions

So there’s a low unemployment rate yet job posts abound. What’s a recruiter to do? We asked, ‘What recruiting methods might you consider now that you wouldn’t have in a less challenging market?’ The options varied, with third-party search at 40% – you might be surprised at the selection that earned 61% of votes – download our report to find out.

Of those responding – HR managers, TA Leads, Hiring Managers, Internal Recruiters/Sourcers, third-party search was leveraged most by TA Leads, but Hiring Managers came out of the woodwork with their volume of experience with third-party search. Out of 5 top recruiting methods, which do you think came out on top? Our report will fill you in! The ‘quick submission of quality candidates’ topped the stack of benefits seen when using a third-party recruiter, and our full report outlines other top-rated perks as well.

Data Analytics: The Most Important Tool in Your Recruiting Toolbox

Your biggest competitors are tracking their data analytics very closely – are you? Our report outlines not only the top KPIs to measure, but also the most impactful data points to look at whether you’re analyzing with a lens toward leading talent acquisition for an organization, expanding your team as a hiring manager, and other roles in the recruiting hot seat.

Include this report in your arsenal as you prep your 2019 strategy:

  • The Realities of Today’s Hiring Landscape and Impactful Solutions to Combat
  • When and Why to Use Third-Party Search
  • Data Analytics: The Backbone of Successful Recruiting Strategies
  • A Look Ahead into 2019

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