>>HR and Talent Leadership Conferences: Top Takeaways from #HRTechConf and #Talent Connect

HR and Talent Leadership Conferences: Top Takeaways from #HRTechConf and #Talent Connect

It’s conference season in the HR world – this week, talent acquisition leaders and recruiters were at the Human Resources (HR) Tech Conference (#HRTechConf) and LinkedIn’s Talent Connect (#TalentConnect), talking about recruiting technologies and techniques.

Both conferences saw a lot of activity, with the HR Technology Conference supporting a community of 8,000 and Talent Connect supporting over 3,000 attendees.

Talent Acquisition and recruiting leaders had a lot to say at the conferences this year – there were big company announcements at the HR Technology Conference, and the launch of LinkedIn’s new suite of recruiter tools at Talent Connect.

HR Leaders are Buying Technology in a Big Way – and other HRTech Discoveries

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While there were a couple of strange happenings at the HR Technology Conference this year – including flash floods and a running gun fight through a casino parking lot – one of the biggest events was the launch of data from the 18th Annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey.

As reported by HREOnline, “The bottom line: Vendors are innovating and finding investment funding like never before, and HR leaders are buying and installing systems in a big way — particularly at smaller and mid-sized companies, and for core human resource management systems going to the cloud.”

As a matter of fact, these technologies are being implemented in the biggest way the industry has seen to-date. We’ve hit “the tipping point,” with 50 percent of core HRMS’s being implemented in 2015 at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

This signals a step towards what HR and recruiting leaders are beginning to see as the future – a world in which organizations have moved their entire HR system to the cloud, including recruiting.

The conference focused on a couple of other big trends, supported by some pretty controversial presentations. Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) spoke on behalf of Blue Cross/Blue Shield, stating that relationship analytics are the next big thing in talent management. They believe relationship data holds the key to seeing how “real work” gets done.

HR and recruiting professionals also talked about the biggest hurdle to implementing any type of new HR Technology that would probably end up making their lives much easier – preparing for and managing the change that would have to happen internally. It’s a big change for any organization to implement new technologies, but it’s a process that will help bring every type of organization into the future.

LinkedIn Has a New People-Matching Algorithm – Talent Connect Saw the Re-Launch of Their Recruiter Technology

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LinkedIn made a big move at their Talent Connect conference this year, unleashing two new products aimed at their biggest group of paying users – talent recruiters.

The two products include Referral, a tool to help organizations automate the process of tapping into their existing employee networks and to hire new people; and a re-launch of Recruiter, which will now let recruiters find candidates based on “people profiles,” determined by their new algorithm.

Bottom line – both products help recruiters to maximize the massive amount of data that LinkedIn has to leverage.

They bring a much more algorithmic approach to utilizing the LinkedIn program for recruiting efforts. The launch positions LinkedIn as the only social media player in the HR Technology game.

The world of HR Technology is growing rapidly, and we’re hoping to be on the front lines of simplifying one aspect of the HR world – recruiting agency relationships. If you’d like to chat about how we make the whole process simpler (and cheaper), sign up.


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