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Heartbeats of the Economy February 1, 2021

Heartbeats of the Economy February 1, 2021

Through the Lens of Talent Acquisition

The Road To Recovery

Discussions with Talent Acquisition Leaders 

Amy Hanavan, Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations, Moog, Inc

What implications did COVID-19 present to your business? Top issues you needed to solve for?

  • In the beginning, change was an adjustment, but the team really stepped it up.
  • I am seeing an increase in communication, team is available to anyone that has a question, connected through video chat, cell phones, text messaging.
  • We have no doubt that productivity has increased, I can hear it in team meetings, in 1:1s of employees that report directly to me.

Are you finding and hiring the talent you need?

  • It depends on the level of location and experience.
  • In some cases, people are/were receiving more money with unemployment benefits, so aren’t ready to accept a position with us.

When interviewing people remotely, how to make sure they are the right culture fit?

  • Training for managers would be helpful, especially for the new interview process, a lot of managers have never conducted a video interview.
  •  They can role play to make sure they are comfortable and asking the right questions.

How are you being strategic in this environment or is it more reactive?

  • Moog is a reactive environment culture.
  • However, going through this and coming together as a team, extending the skillset from the team members in Talent Acquisition by stretching them to other areas in HR to get through the day on special projects or in the business is very much strategic.
  • People will look at our team and our HR business as productive and excelling through this time and overcoming everything they’ve had to deal with.

How are companies planning on retaining technical talent as that market is still hot?

  • The culture and values of your organization come into play.
  • Showcase what it is to work for the company that you work for, it keeps people going.
  • The level of work – leaders need to pay attention – how long has the employee been in the job, are you giving them enough meaningful work to do that is engaging so they won’t think about outside opportunities.
  • Hear the entire discussion below: BountyJobs – A Talent Acquisition Peer Forum: Solving the Biggest Hurdles of the Next 30-60-90 Days


2021 Talent Acquisition Trends & Predictions

Recruiting Is Top HR Concern in 2021

The Skinny:

  • XpertHR’s survey found that roughly one-half of responding employers expect to increase their workforce in 2021
  • 10% of organizations predict they will have to eliminate positions, while 30% anticipate no change in staff size, and 12% were not sure, the survey found.
  • Poor applicant quality as the top challenge related to recruitment.
  • A new study of job seeker sentiment conducted by the American Staffing Association (ASA) found that 80% expect to seek new jobs in the new year.
  • 70% of respondents find working remotely more desirable than at an onsite location.
  • 62% of respondents prefer permanent positions than other types of employment arrangements.
  • 30% of workers say that temporary assignments have become less desirable. Meanwhile, another 30% say temporary placement via staffing firms has become more desirable. 
  • Source: SHRM

4 Ways Hiring And Recruitment Will Change In 2021

The Skinny:

  • Adoption of digital hiring technology for the long term
  • Employers will rethink the skills required for today’s working reality
  • Automate but remain personal
  • Adopt a comprehensive digital recruitment experience for the long haul
  • Source: Forbes

11 trends that will shape HR in 2021

The Skinny:

  • There will be a noticeable shift to managing the life experience of your employees.
  • 74% of employees expect their employer to become more actively involved in the cultural debates and we will likely see a shift this year.
  • The gender-wage gap will worsen in 2021.
  • Employee-monitoring technologies will see new regulations limiting what employers can track about their employees.
  • Flexibility will move location to time for many employers.
  • The differentiation within companies between knowledge workers and everyone else will only intensify.
  • Leading companies will make bulk purchases of the COVID vaccine to distribute to their employees.
  • Employers will be sued over COVID vaccine requirements.
  • Mental health support becomes the norm.
  • Talent acquisition strategies will shift to more buy and rent than to build.
  • States will start to compete to attract individual talent to their borders
  • Source: Human Resource Executive 


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