>>Employee Turnover Expected to Increase & Other Recruiting News

Employee Turnover Expected to Increase & Other Recruiting News

Target to Hire 100K Seasonal Workers

Down a bit from the hiring goal of 130K for the 2020 and 2019 holiday season, Target expects to hire 100K for 2021. Flexibility will be a big lure here, as the retail giant is not only offering more hours to team members, but also the option to take shifts that best fit their schedules. Target’s minimum wage is currently $15.

Not to Be Outdone…Walmart to Hire 150K Seasonal Workers

Many of these roles will be permanent and full-time. Walmart’s average hourly wage in the U.S. is $16.40, but some in-store roles can pay up to $34 an hour. Those in entry-level roles have the potential of promotions within seven months.

Double Digit Tech Jobs Growth

In the six months ending September 6, the number of unique, active job postings for computer occupations in the U.S. increased 15%. As of September 6th, there were more than 1.2 million unique, active job vacancy posting in the U.S.

GDP Forecast Levels Off

“The median forecast for real GDP called for a 4.0% annualized growth rate in this quarter, the third quarter. That’s down from the forecast of 6.2% growth in the previous NABE survey released in May. It’s also down from the second quarter’s actual growth rate of 6.6%.”

67% of survey respondents expect nonfarm payrolls will get back to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022. (66% said the same in a May survey)

Workers Looking Toward Pay Bumps as Incentive

Almost half (49%) of workers feel they’re getting paid less than they deserve. Just over 30% of employees would consider leaving their current role if they aren’t offered a pay increase by the end of the year. Parents (36%) and workers in the 18-24 age range (48%) are most likely to do so.

Desperate Times Call for Creative Measures

Southwest Airlines is only getting around 14 applicants per role rather than the usual 43. Incoming Southwest Airlines CEO Robert Jordan said he went through a drive-thru at a Dallas Whataburger and on his bag of food was stapled a job application. Some companies are getting creative!

Employee Turnover Expected to Increase

55% of professionals surveyed “expect employee turnover to increase as 2022 approaches.” Another 66% feel that hey pandemic is the cause for their difficulty in filling open roles. 30% of respondents list “re-evaluation of their priorities amid the pandemic” as their top reason to leave their current job.

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