>>How Agencies Can Search Less, and Engage More

How Agencies Can Search Less, and Engage More

As a niche agency, you know your market well because you work with a very particular subset of employers and candidates and, as such, have a better understanding of skills, qualifications and experience. You also understand the cultural factors within different companies in your industry, and can often gauge cultural fit between a given candidate and employer.

Since you work with a very specific type of candidate, you need to find a very specific type of job req to make a match. But finding jobs can be tedious, and take away from the time you spend engaging with your candidates and clients.

Last week, we made some updates to our marketplace to help niche agencies spend less time searching for suitable open requisitions and more time engaging.

Here are three ways niche agencies can search for jobs on the BountyJobs marketplace:

  1. Pro-level search and personalized Quick Searches: Pro-level search is our new robust search functionality that helps you find just the right jobs, including those in a specific a salary range. For instance, if you have a great risk analysis candidate who is looking in the $120,000-140,000 salary range, you can find the perfect financial industry job with a quick search on BountyJobs. Then, you can check out your personalized Quick Searches, based on your specialization, for opportunities you may not have found on your own.
  2. Job Sorting: Jobs you find through search will be sorted based on relevancy, so that the jobs that makes the most sense for you will show at the top of your list.
  3. Jobs that need you: Finally, we’ve increased the visibility of jobs that employers need more help with by adding “Flag” and “Flame” icons for high priority positions. Rest assured, the algorithm will prevent employers from marking every job as urgent, so you know which are truly high priority.

In addition to being able to find jobs more easily, we’ll also show you employer statistics so you can see response and open rates, before you choose to engage. This will allow you to make better decisions about who you want to work with, based on your style and preferences.

In addition, we’ll show you how many other agencies are working on the role – as well as how many are inactive – so you know how much competition you have.

With all the time you’ll be saving on finding jobs to work on, you will have time to be more targeted and responsive with both clients and candidates. In addition to finding targeted jobs for your existing candidates, you’ll have more time to source additional targeted candidates for your open jobs and high priority jobs. You can focus on your current role, rather than worry about what role you’ll be working on next week, and be more responsive with clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process. Plus, you’ll know you’re working with clients who are responsive in return.

We hope that these changes to our marketplace will help you find the jobs that make sense for your agency, and your candidates, so you can save time and engage more – leading to more placements (and money!).

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