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Texas In Need of 6,500 Travel Nurses

The headlines are everywhere, reporting a surge in COVID-19 cases nationwide. With that comes a high demand for healthcare workers. It's not only the active cases of the pandemic causing the strain on healthcare talent. Exhaustion and burnout are playing a role too. Searches for nurse practitioners are up 24% year-over-year per a recent report. In addition to telehealth services, NPs are sought after to staff urgent care centers and outpatient clinics. The average salary for these roles is about $140,000, an increase of 12% year-over-year. The second most-recruited role is family physicians (average salary of $243,000). However, only 18% of search engagements were for this role, down from 20% the year prior and 22% before that. The highest average salary tracked for physicians in this report? Interventional Cardiologists at $611,000. Texas needs around 6,500 travel nurses due to a drastic increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations as well as worker exhaustion/burnout. Louisiana and Florida as well [...]

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July Jobs Report Crushes It

A more than encouraging jobs report came out today – jobs growth crushed all expectations with an addition of 943,000 jobs! That’s the most new payrolls in almost a year. The unemployment rate also continues to go in the right direction, falling from 5.9% to 5.4%. Such a great report – we’ll keep an eye on performance as the Delta variant expands.     Pay increases continue as way for U.S. employers to attract talent and KEEP talent – looking forward at 2022, an average increase of 3% for executives, management, and professional employees/support staff is forecasted. At an average of 2.8%, production and manual labor employees are also to see an increase in wages – above this year’s 2.5%. Who had the highest projected increases? The lucky ones in ‘high-tech’ and pharmaceutical sectors. The lowest? Oil and gas as well as leisure. Fancy a change? Over half of active job seekers (60%) have considered [...]

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Top Two In-Demand Skills in 2021

Project managers, it’s your time to shine! Per a recent report (thanks Business Talent Group), project management is the most in-demand skill for 2021. Following behind in the second slot is market landscape and research. When seeking these top skills in candidates, companies are looking to ‘drive critical workstreams and transformations to explore new business and product pipelines’. Here’s the list of the 10 most in-demand skills based on the number of requests for each skill over the past 12 months: Project management Market landscape and research Organizational design and workforce planning Growth strategy Process optimization and transformation Corporate and business unit strategy Market access and value Strategic planning Advanced analytics Program management office   It's All About the Long-Game The top two concerns for U.S. businesses in Q3 2021 are hiring and retention. (thanks to a survey from West Monroe Partners) 77% of respondents also stated that they planned on hiring more workers in [...]

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Incentives Abound as Companies Scramble for Staff

Things are looking up, everyone. A recent survey found that over half of senior managers in the U.S. plan on adding new (permanent) positions in the back half of 2021. An additional 48% are still planning on filling empty roles or bringing back furloughed employees - HAPPY DANCE! The three areas looking at the most hires? 1.) Admin support - 58% 2.) Technology - 56% 3.) Marketing - 54% Along with all of this happy news comes some obstacles. Sorry folks, it can't be all wine and roses (though, we ask, why not? sigh.) The biggest recruiting challenges are as follows: 1.) finding those elusive candidates with the necessary skills 2.) getting the hire in the door quickly (gotta get the best talent before someone else does!) 3.) hiring candidates who are a match for the company culture It's All About the Benjamins...Not Always So what are some incentives that organizations are using to lure [...]

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Seasonal Hiring Heats Up

We blinked and seasonal hiring season is just about here. If you remember, in 2020 the US holiday season posted better-than-expected retail sales growth. During December 2020 retail sales were up 8.6% unadjusted year-over-year (per NRF, National Retail Federation). As the pandemic swelled, people flocked to their devices for online shopping...and shipping. For 2021? eMarketer is forecasting an increase of 2.7% (to $1.093 trillion) of US holiday retail sales. Yep, this holiday season is shaping up to be a strong one - ecommerce sales are forecasted to increase 11.3% (t0 $206.88 billion), achieving a record 18.9% of total holiday season retail sales. The economy continues to gain its footing across industries and roles supporting the upcoming holiday rush are no different. Employers are releasing their hiring plans and recruiting has begun in earnest. For some, these hourly roles will turn into solid full-time positions with benefits. For others, the power of a contingent workforce for [...]

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Is There a Wonder Woman for Hiring?

New Job Posting: Superhero Needed to Help Shifting Talent Acquisition Market 😉   We called it. Our own Chief Product Officer, Stacey Steiger, speaking with Vadim Liberman (editor, TLNT and ERE) and Madeline Laurano (Founder, Aptitude Research) a few months ago in our webinar, “Contingent Workforce Management: You Have Better Options” said, “A lot of you are feeling pretty tapped out right now. Here’s the kicker though: there’s an impending hiring tsunami, it’s not a wave, we believe it’s a tsunami and it’s coming as the labor market starts to rev back up and companies that have been holding back on hiring are gonna say, ‘go’. We’re watching our platform right now and we’re already seeing the lift-off start to happen, watching increasing job volume, and we think it’s going to be a doozy.” Turns out we were right. A doozy it is. Chew on this: in April 2021 266,000 jobs were added to the [...]

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Special Edition: Recruiting Benchmark Report

The ACTUAL Status of Hiring Today Hey everyone - how’s hiring going for ya? 🤪 Some might think that with an unemployment rate of 6%, compared to the pre-pandemic unemployment rate of 3.5% (February 2020), hiring would be easy like Sunday morning. Much easier to hire now than back then, right? Wrong. Open Roles Are Movin' On Up Many of the hiring challenges plaguing those in talent acquisition still apply in 2021, only with additional obstacles to clear. HOWEVER, we’ll be the first to point out that, hey, things are looking up, everyone! 📈 In fact, we have just published a special edition of our annual report, "The Definitive Collection (At This Moment) of Industry Trends in Critical Hiring". Download your copy here.  Per recent research, 82% of employers plan to hire in 2021 with 35% planning on hiring for net new jobs. We are wheels up! ✈️ This Data Speaks Volumes Thousands of jobs [...]

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Heartbeats of the Economy February 1, 2021

Through the Lens of Talent Acquisition The Road To Recovery Discussions with Talent Acquisition Leaders  Amy Hanavan, Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations, Moog, Inc What implications did COVID-19 present to your business? Top issues you needed to solve for? In the beginning, change was an adjustment, but the team really stepped it up. I am seeing an increase in communication, team is available to anyone that has a question, connected through video chat, cell phones, text messaging. We have no doubt that productivity has increased, I can hear it in team meetings, in 1:1s of employees that report directly to me. Are you finding and hiring the talent you need? It depends on the level of location and experience. In some cases, people are/were receiving more money with unemployment benefits, so aren’t ready to accept a position with us. When interviewing people remotely, how to make sure they are the right culture fit? Training for managers [...]

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Heartbeats of the Economy October 15, 2020

Through the Lens of Talent Acquisition The Employment Situation — September 2020 The Numbers: Total non-farm employment rose by 661,000 in September Temporary help services rose by 8,100 The national unemployment rate declined, from 8.4% to 7.9% 13 of the 15 major industry groups gained jobs last month Leisure & Hospitality added 318,000 jobs Unemployment rate continues to decline as the number of job losers on temporary layoff continues to decline: 4.498 million in September from 6.160 million in August The number of “permanent job losers” continues to rise, to 3.756 million in September from 3.411 million in August Labor force decline in September to 160.143 million, it remains well below its January 2020 peak of 164.606 million Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Forecasters Split on When U.S. Economy Will Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels The Numbers: According to its October report 38%, of the National Association for Business Economics report estimate pre-pandemic GDP levels by [...]

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Heartbeats of the Economy September 17, 2020

Through the Lens of Talent Acquisition 1.4 Million Jobs Gained in August; Unemployment Rate Falls to 8 Percent The Numbers: Unemployment rate fell to 8.4 percent last month from 10.2 percent in July 1.7 million jobs were added in July, and 4.8 million in June Private-sector payroll growth was just 1 million jobs in August Private-sector employment is still 10.7 million below its pre-Covid February level So far 49.5% of the 21.2 million jobs lost at the start of the pandemic were recovered Permanent job losses in August rose by 534,000 to 3.4 million About 6 million workers remain on temporary layoff, down from 18 million in April Median duration of unemployment continued to rise to 16.2 weeks, up from 13.7 in July Retail Leads Job Gains - 249,000 jobs added - sector is still down by 2.5 million since February Professional business services increased by 197,000 Source: SHRM Employment trends index rises for the [...]

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