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The Case for Comprehensive and Tech-Enabled Talent Acquisition

Q&A with Greenhouse VP of Platform and Partnerships, Dane Hurtubise

We recently announced our partnership and joint product integration with the fastest-growing talent acquisition suite, Greenhouse. This integration extends current Greenhouse customers’ recruiting reach with the power of the BountyJobs Recruitment Marketplace inside their existing Greenhouse Account.

Ahead of the launch, we sat down with Dane Hurtubise the VP of Platform and Partnerships at Greenhouse to get his take on the partnership and the role of technology in talent acquisition.

Let’s Get to Our Discussion

BountyJobs: The world of recruiting is quickly evolving, and technology is an essential part of that evolution. How does Greenhouse keep up with the demand from talent acquisition teams for comprehensive technology solutions?

Hurtubise: Greenhouse tackles this demand in two ways. We make it easy for other software providers to connect their applications to Greenhouse through our free, open APIs. In addition, we have expanded our core offering into a suite of products.

BountyJobs: How does your partnership with BountyJobs fit into that?

Hurtubise: With the fastest-growing partnership ecosystem of over 230 distinct integrations, we are always looking for additional solutions to provide value to our customers and maximize their recruiting efforts. We’re excited about our partnership with BountyJobs as it allows us to fill a gap to help our customers navigate the agency landscape. Integrated directly within our application, customers can now access the power of BountyJobs’ marketplace of over 10,000 third-party recruiters.

BountyJobs: What do you think the biggest challenges facing talent acquisition teams are right now?

Hurtubise: We’ve seen a huge influx of new products and services addressing the needs of Talent Acquisition teams over the last ten years. As a result, it has become difficult to separate the signal from the noise causing an inefficient marketplace and leading to more headache and less efficiency.

BountyJobs: Based on those challenges, what solutions do you think your partnership with BountyJobs will provide to your customers?

Hurtubise: Recruiters will always feel pressure to hire high-quality candidates faster, and therefore, surfacing the right solutions at the right time is instrumental for us to help our customers achieve their goals. By leveraging BountyJobs during the initial stage of hiring, customers now have the option to amplify their talent pipeline through BountyJobs’ marketplace.

BountyJobs: How do you think partnerships like Greenhouse + BountyJobs will impact the future of talent acquisition/recruiting?

Hurtubise: Earlier this year, we launched Greenhouse Predicts that uses machine learning to help forecast candidate offer acceptance and new hire start dates, allowing Talent Acquisition, Operations and Finance teams to more easily see around corners, make informed decisions, and effectively communicate timelines.

We envision a world in which we will not only help customers understand these hiring timelines but also provide real-time recommendations to accelerate sourcing, and by partnering with BountyJobs we can use the power of their agency marketplace to fill key roles for our customers.

Learn More

Read the integration press release

About Dane Hurtubise:

Dane Hurtubise is the VP of Platform and Partnerships at Greenhouse, responsible for the development and support of Greenhouse’s rapidly growing recruiting ecosystem. Previously, Dane started and led two HR software companies: Parklet (acquired by Greenhouse) and JobSpice. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Connect with Dane on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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