>>By the Numbers: September 6, 2019

By the Numbers: September 6, 2019

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Professionals Know Their Worth and They’re Not Getting It

The Numbers:

  • 82% of workers know their worth in the labor market
  • Less than 50% feel they are being paid the appropriate amount
  • 73% report that they have researched and compared their salary against online market rates
  • Source: Robert Half

Perks Continue as Effort to Retain Employees

The Numbers:

  • Walmart offers perks such as salary advancements, giving the employee the option to ‘borrow’ part of their next paycheck
  • Such perks are a response to research indicating that American workers are financially stressed
  • Source: The Wall Street Journal

Job Satisfaction Increases

The Numbers:

  • 53.7% of U.S. workers are satisfied with their jobs
  • This is up from 51.7% in the previous year
  • This is the second-biggest increase in the 32 year history this survey has been run
  • Source: The Conference Board

BountyJobs Reports: The New Dynamics of Recruiting 2019 Survey

  • Each year we carefully craft a survey for professionals in talent acquisition to express what they’re experiencing in the current talent market – challenges, solutions, forecasts. We take these valuable responses and publish a report later in the year with the results – actionable insights that help all in talent acquisition.

Employers Hiring, But Most Still Can’t Find Skilled Candidates

The Numbers:

  • More than 82% of employers are actively hiring
  • 80% of those have reported difficulty finding workers
  • 70% cite a skills shortage as the reason
  • Source: Challenger, Gray, & Christmas

U.S. Private Sector Adds 195K Jobs in August

The Numbers:

  • Small businesses added 66,000 jobs in August from July
  • Midsize and large firms added 77,000 and 52,000 jobs respectively
  • The 195,000 jobs added last month are up from 122,000 added in July
  • Source: ADP National Employment

Economy Expands Modestly, Pressuring Wages

The Numbers:

  • Through August, the economy grew at a ‘modest pace’
  • Most businesses still optimistic about the near-term outlook
  • Firms and staffing agencies across the board stated tightness across labor markets and skill levels

U.S. Nonmanufacturing Activity Expands

The Numbers:

  • Economic activity in the U.S. nonmanufacturing sector expaned in August at a faster pace than in July
  • The nonmanufacturing index rose in August to a reading of 56.4 from July’s reading of 53.7
  • Source: Institute for Supply Management

Fastest-Growing Occupations

The Numbers:

  • Solar installers, wind turbine techs, and home health aides make the 10 fastest-growing occupations list for 2018 to 2028
Occupation % change 2018-2028 Median wages (May 2018)
Solar photovoltaic installers 63.3% $42,680
Wind turbine service techs 56.9% $54,370
Home health aides 36.6% $24,200
Personal care aides 36.4% $24,020
Occupational therapy assistants 33.1% $60,220
Information security analysts 31.6% $98,350
Physician assistants 31.1% $108,610
Statisticians 30.7% $87,780
Nurse practitioners 28.2% $107,030
Speech-language pathologists 27.3% $77,510
  • Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Skills Gap Continues to Widen

The Numbers:

  • As the skills gap grows, more executives turn to hire gig workers
  • 64% of HR executives state there is a skills gap in their companies this year, up from 52% last year
  • 44% feel it’s more difficult to fill their skills gap this year than last year
  • Source: Wiley Education Services and Future Workplace

Home Health Workers See Huge Growth in Demand but Not in Pay

The Numbers:

  • Today there are about 2.3 million home health workers, an increase of 150% from ten years ago
  • This ‘emotionally and personally demanding’ job is also one of the worst-paid at $11.52 an hour on average
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