>>By the Numbers January 18, 2019

By the Numbers January 18, 2019

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More Than 50% of D.C. Workers are Hot for Amazon Jobs

The Numbers:  Three-fourths of IT professionals and 60% of Millennials would quit their job and accept a role at Amazon if offered, per a survey from Eagle Hill Consulting to workers polled in the Washington, D.C. area. 71% stated that a higher salary would lure them away, with more interesting work and working for a progressive company coming in at 45% each.

Employee Experience in Workplace Typically Doesn’t Exceed Expectations

The Numbers: One out of ten employees felt their overall work experience significantly exceeded their expectations – only 38% said their experience was ‘awesome’ or ‘great’. 23% stated their compensation was not competitive and felt their rewards were below or well below those of other companies, per a survey from Alight Solutions.

Buying Power Decreased in 2018

The Numbers: The small compensation gain of 1.1% in Q4 2018 did not impact the overall scale enough to generate positive gains for the year, per a report from PayScale. When factoring in inflation, wages fell by 1.3%.

BountyJobs Reports: Hard to Hire: 2018 Third-Party Recruiting and the State of Talent Acquisition Survey Report

The Numbers: Each year we craft a survey with this goal in mind – to collect data on topics that matter in talent acquisition; covering third-party recruiting and other hot-button trends moving the needle within the current hiring landscape. From these responses, we produce a valuable report with actionable tactics to implement into your recruiting strategy.  We believe that rising tides lift all boats – when more in talent acquisition are armed with this data, the better we can keep progressing.

14% of Workers Found Employment through Social Media

The Numbers: More than 1 in 10 hires (14%) stated they found their current role via social media, and 41% found their role via an online job board, per a Clutch survey.

Three-Quarters of Companies to Increase Hires

The Numbers: 74% of employers plan to add headcount in 2019, per a report from LaSalle Network. This percentage is up from 65% in 2018. As far as wages go, 61% plan to raise wages in 2019, which is up from 48% in 2018.

IT Job Growth Stalled in 2018

The Numbers: In 2018 IT employment grew at the slowest annual rate in nine years, per the TechServe Alliance. IT employment grew by .30% since December 2017 which equals about 16,200 IT workers.

Workers Over 50 Being Pushed Out

The Numbers: Of those over 50, 56% of employees have been pushed out of jobs in which they have been long employed, per analysis from ProPublica. Of those that do find employment, only 10% are making the salary they enjoyed previously. Starting a ‘side hustle’ is recommended per LinkedIn’s Dan Roth, “If you have a high likelihood of being pushed out, then you want to make sure there’s something you can fall back on.”

SMBs Hiring More Freelancers Than Employees

The Numbers: The hiring of freelancers has outpaced the hiring of employees for small businesses. Per a study from Paychex, the growth rate of independent contractors in August 2017 hit a high of 11% – even when the pace decreased to 5% it still outpaced employee hires (which has hovered around 1% since 2013).

Consistent Job Growth in U.S. Could Slow This Year

The Numbers: Per a PwC report, global economic growth is forecasted to slow in 2019 while labor markets in strong economies continue to tighten. Economic growth in the U.S. is estimated to decrease from 2.8% in 2018 to 2.3% in 2019.

Job Seekers Joining Workforce with Tech Skills

The Numbers: Six months ago, only 12% of executives had a positive perception of graduates having digital skills upon entering the workforce – this has now risen to 18%.  The perception that existing employees have the right digital talent increased to 25% from 16% in Spring last year.

Government Shutdown Impacting Gig Economy Growth

The Numbers: A portion of the 380,000 federal workers that have been affected by the partial government shutdown are taking gig jobs with companies like Uber, Fiverr, Airbnb, etc as second jobs, per a report from Packaged Facts.

Content Creation Job Drastically Increases in Demand

The Numbers: Jobs focused on online content creation were some of the fastest-growing jobs on the Freelancer.com platform in 2018, per the company’s quarterly report. Conversely, jobs in software development decreased – the software development job category decreased by 70.7% in 2018, similar to the app designer category – also experiencing a 70.7% year over year decrease.

The top-10 fastest-growing jobs in 2018 and the year-over-year growth:

  1. Writing: 535.7%
  2. API (application programming interface): 352.4%
  3. Blockchain: 300.8%
  4. Academic writing: 205.7%
  5. 2D animation: 167.6%
  6. Social media management: 157.4%
  7. Blog writing: 146.6%
  8. Express JS: 128.7%
  9. Shopify templates: 110.7%
  10. Drawing: 101.0%

Engineering Majors Have Highest Estimated Salaries

The Numbers: Engineering graduates in 2019 have a projected average starting salary of $69,188 which is an increase of 4% from last year and the highest of all majors, per the National Association of Colleges and Employers.  Computer Science graduates are expected to earn the second highest – $67,539.  Agriculture and natural resources are expected to experience the largest salary growth at 4.1%.

Over Half of Employees Would Relocate for a Job and Better Pay

The Numbers: Including relocation benefits in an offer package could pay off to land that key candidate – 62% of workers would consider relocating for a job, per research from Robert Half.

Respondents cited the following as the top factor in a decision to relocate:

  • Better pay/perks: 44%
  • Family/personal reasons: 17%
  • Cost of living: 16%
  • Career advancement: 16%
  • Weather: 6%%

Employee Experience Key to Business Success in 2019

The Numbers:  Per a hiring outlook report from The Execu|Search Group, 62% of employers expect to increase headcount in 2019.  66% of professionals aren’t looking to stay at their current company long-term – 95% are open to new job opportunities.

Less Tech and Engineering Leaders Plan to Increase Headcount

The Numbers: 67% of decision-makers plan to hire more in 2019, down from 79% in 2018 per a survey from Technology and Engineering Workplace Trends. Of those requiring candidates with specific skill sets, 41% of decision-makers within tech and engineering fields stated they find it’s ‘becoming more difficult to find the top talent they need.’

U.S. Labor Market Tight in November and December

The Numbers: Per the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book report, employment rose in most of the U.S. in late November and December while labor markets remained tight and employers found it a challenge to find ideal candidates at any skill level.

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