>>By the Numbers: April 5, 2019

By the Numbers: April 5, 2019

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March Jobs Report: Rebounds from February

The Numbers:

  • 196,000 jobs added in March (up from the estimated forecast of 170,000)
  • February jobs number was adjusted from 20,000 to 33,000
  • U.S. unemployment remained the same as February at 3.8%
  • Source: U.S. Department of Labor

Hiring Slows for U.S. Businesses

The Numbers:

  • Uncertain economic prospects caused U.S. businesses to slow down hiring in March
  • As well, private payrolls have increased the least in over a year
  • 129,000 jobs were added in the U.S. in March
  • This slowdown could cause unemployment to rise again
  • Source: ADP/Moody’s Analytics

Women Less Likely to Pursue High-Paying Jobs

The Numbers:

  • Salary confidence points to men being more self-confident in the workplace than women
  • Men applied for jobs $13,635 higher than ones applied to by women, causing an 18.3% pay gap
  • Source: Glassdoor

Female Gen Z Programmers Value Professional Growth and Flexibility

The Numbers:

  • Career development and work-life balance are two of the top aspects weighed when considering new job offers for female Gen Z programmers
  • 73% of those under 21 years old wanted professional growth
  • 62% valued work-life balance
  • Source: HackerRank

‘Opportunity Gap’ Responsible for Wage Disparity

The Numbers:

  • The gender pay gap continues to widen due to a lack of access to jobs at the top of the organization
  • The barriers faced by women in the work place keep them in lower paid, non-managerial roles
  • Women earn 79 cents for every dollar earned by men
  • Source: PayScale

The Most Desired Employee Benefit is Time

The Numbers:

  • Time is the most wanted employee benefit – moreso than perks such as on-site hair salons and yoga classes that have been offered to attract workers in this tight labor market
  • Unlimited paid vacation is the top benefit wanted by employees
  • 72% of workers would want unlimited paid vacation over paid sabbaticals and on-site services such as laundry or childcare

Higher Wage Demands Could Equal Lower Profits

The Numbers:

  • Due to increasing labor costs and slow revenue growth, U.S. employers may have lower profits in 2019
  • Blue-collar workers, in particular, have negotiated higher pay due to talent scarcity, hitting those companies the most
  • Source: The Conference Board

Maryland to Override Governor’s Minimum Wage Veto

The Numbers:

  • Maryland’s general assembly will move forward to gradually increase the minimum wage for the state to $15 per hour
  • Companies with 15+ employees will be required to implement a $15 minimum wage by 2025
  • Source: Baltimore Sun

Flexible Work Seen as the New Norm

The Numbers:

  • 74% of workers see flexible working as the new norm
  • 80% state they would ‘choose a job with a flexible work option over one without’
  • 83% of employers have ‘adopted a flexible workspace policy in the past decade’
  • Source: IWG

Most U.S. Workers Happy with Jobs but Not Picture Perfect

The Numbers:

  • 85% of workers are ‘very or somewhat satisfied with their jobs’
  • Only 9% gave top ratings across all five categories measured
  • 27% stated they are not happy with their pay
  • 30% have considered quitting within the last three months
  • Source: CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, SurveyMonkey

Top Companies to Work for in 2019

The Numbers:

  • The 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies list ranks 50 companies where Americans want to work
  • Four areas are measured: interest in the company, engagement with the company’s employees, job demand, and employee retention
  • Source: LinkedIn
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