>>BountyJobs is at ERE This Week: 4 Sessions We Can’t Wait for You to Join

BountyJobs is at ERE This Week: 4 Sessions We Can’t Wait for You to Join

Our team is at ERE starting today (Booth #210), and we’re spending the next few days doing some cool stuff with the attendees at the show.

Direct hire recruiting agency budgeting is so important since it’s such a huge piece of your budget – it’s what your leadership cares about.

If your boss asked you what you spent on direct hire recruiting agencies last year, would you be able to answer?

The top-down pressure and spend factors aren’t even the most important – what you spend on recruiting agencies has a direct impact on your quality of hire.

You may be getting quality employees from agency use and spending way too much for them, or you could be only hiring in-house to protect your wallet and not reaching the highest quality candidates. Come talk visit booth #20 to find out how you can get a handle on your spend.

In the meantime, check out some sessions that will help you prepare for budgeting your recruiting agency spend at ERE this week – we’d love to know what you think.

Measuring The Quality of Hires and Adjusting Your Strategy to Move the Needle on Your Organization’s Quality of Hire (Tuesday, 11:30 – 12:30)

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This session will discuss how you measure your quality of hire. Chris Havrilla, Michael Kannisto, Gerry Crispin, Kim Warne, Rob McIntosh and Rodney Moses are going to help you define (arguably) the most important recruiting metric, and teach you how to track it.

Your use of agencies has a huge effect on the quality of your hires. Defining this metric and learning how to track it will help you approach budgeting for agency use in 2016 more strategically.

Shift Your Team from Reactive To Proactive (Tuesday, 2:30 – 2:50)

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Jody Stolt, TA Director of Paychex, will be talking about how you partner with finance to use predictive modeling to determine future staffing needs, in her afternoon session. When you can predict future hiring initiatives, budgeting for the upcoming year becomes much easier.

Being able to proactively plan for future initiatives that may affect your recruiting team in the coming year will allow you to determine ahead of time whether or not you should budget for agency use – and how much.

Hiring At Scale: Increasing Talent Density without Compromising Quality (Tuesday, 3:45 – 4:05)

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Organizations can go through growth spurts too – in fact, this is another hiring initiative we think you should plan for during budget season if an increase in talent density is likely to affect your organization. Linda Brenner, CHO of StarTech.com, will be talking about how you can handle a talent rush without bringing in people who may be the wrong fit.

You might want to consider planning to lean on agencies in the coming year if you know you’ll be going through a growth spurt. Plan accordingly this budget season so you don’t drown in agency fees when the rush hits.

Eliminating Time-To-Fill: How to Increase Speed and Accuracy to Lead to Higher Quality Hires (Tuesday, 4:15 – 5:00)

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Talent acquisition tends to lean on direct hire agency use when it has to fill positions fast. Budget for this if you’re lucky enough to foresee an empty and highly critical position at your organization before it becomes vacant. Scott Wintrip will show you how to streamline this process at ERE this week.

We’re stoked to get to know you at ERE. Come visit us at Booth #210 and keep an eye out for the budgeting tools we’re offering you this year – the Recruiting Leader’s Guide to Direct Hire Agency Planning and the Recruiting Leader Data Toolkit – to be published in November.


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