>>The BountyJobs Effect: Customer Testimonial

The BountyJobs Effect: Customer Testimonial

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Greg Berry, Recruiting Manager for Epsilon – a global Marketing company,  has partnered with BountyJobs since 2012.  Greg sat down with us to speak candidly on how his group handled talent acquisition before BountyJobs as well as the impact found after implementing the BountyJobs solution.

In this video, you’ll learn how partnering with BountyJobs changed the landscape of Epsilon’s recruiting process and results. He reviews a few ‘A-Ha Moments’ that highlighted the changes seen by his team of recruiters and executive management that really summed up the value brought to them via the BountyJobs process. Also explored are specific ways in which the BountyJobs platform has effected their recruitment method, their experience with BountyJobs Customer Success Representatives, as well as how the BountyJobs Marketplace helped find stellar candidates for hard to fill roles in challenging locations.

Do the challenges that Greg and team were facing sound familiar to your organization’s experiences? Check out our recent report, ‘Out to Search: 3rd Party Recruiting Collaboration & Performance’, which compiles survey results from more than 1,000 Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment professionals nationwide.  See other pain points that your peers are facing, ranging from incomplete metrics tracking to communication struggles between employer and agency, and how BountyJobs can solve for them.

For even more information on the BountyJobs solution, check out BountyJobs.com and request a demo.

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