>>Behind the Scenes at BountyJobs

Behind the Scenes at BountyJobs

BountyJobs prides ourself on being fresh, game-changing and innovative. Without pause, we are proud to speak of our ability to amplify the recruiting industry and help to ultimately reshape the way recruiters and employers engage.

But what goes into all of this? What creates the well-oiled machine of BountyJobs? In the interest of providing more transparency and understanding to our users and enthusiasts, let’s take a look behind the curtain!

Two major factors solidify the unique BountyJobs model: 1) We’re a startup and 2) Our work environment is awesome!

We’re a startup

What is a startup? It seems like that word is being thrown around quite a bit these days. While ‘startup’ can encompass any new business in general, the word was originally understood to be an identifier of new companies within the Tech field. The essence of any startup is of newness, openness and a presentation of another angle that hasn’t yet been seen.

While our foundation has been created, our ideas and understanding of how to better relay our message remains in flux. Our efforts are collaborative, focused and consistent. Every quarter presents a new challenge and a determination to improve over past quarters. We’re constantly proving ourselves to the industry so that we can continue to refine the BountyJobs brand.

Our work environment is awesome!

Our work environment and culture are wholly contributive to how we work collaboratively and why we are so successful. There’s open dialogue between all departments and everyone is on the same page, centered towards the same goal of growth. We dress casually and are provided with an endless array of various treats and beverages. Speech is informal and familiar (*of course with the exception of industry jargon and meetings). We have fun: our meetings are always highlighted with pizza and beer and we often have company outings in order to foster our communication.

Our Secret Sauce

Since our environment remains one of openness and collaboration, we are able to more fully understand the needs of our clients. We can relate in a more concrete way and are able to handle issues. Working within Support, we are able to also foresee certain issues, as we are sensitive to patterns and recurrences. Plainly, BountyJobs remains a space for growth and connectivity. I enjoy my work here and can’t help but openly pen reasons for supporting BountyJobs and believing in our methods. What I’ve provided here is a snapshot into what makes us work!


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