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Heartbeats of the Economy February 1, 2021

Through the Lens of Talent Acquisition The Road To Recovery Discussions with Talent Acquisition Leaders  Amy Hanavan, Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations, Moog, Inc What implications did COVID-19 present to your business? Top issues you needed to solve for? In the beginning, change was an adjustment, but the team really stepped it up. I am seeing an increase in communication, team is available to anyone that has a question, connected through video chat, cell phones, text messaging. We have no doubt that productivity has increased, I can hear it in team meetings, in 1:1s of employees that report directly to me. Are you finding and hiring the talent you need? It depends on the level of location and experience. In some cases, people are/were receiving more money with unemployment benefits, so aren’t ready to accept a position with us. When interviewing people remotely, how to make sure they are the right culture fit? Training for managers [...]

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Heartbeats of the Economy October 15, 2020

Through the Lens of Talent Acquisition The Employment Situation — September 2020 The Numbers: Total non-farm employment rose by 661,000 in September Temporary help services rose by 8,100 The national unemployment rate declined, from 8.4% to 7.9% 13 of the 15 major industry groups gained jobs last month Leisure & Hospitality added 318,000 jobs Unemployment rate continues to decline as the number of job losers on temporary layoff continues to decline: 4.498 million in September from 6.160 million in August The number of “permanent job losers” continues to rise, to 3.756 million in September from 3.411 million in August Labor force decline in September to 160.143 million, it remains well below its January 2020 peak of 164.606 million Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Forecasters Split on When U.S. Economy Will Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels The Numbers: According to its October report 38%, of the National Association for Business Economics report estimate pre-pandemic GDP levels by [...]

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Heartbeats of the Economy September 17, 2020

Through the Lens of Talent Acquisition 1.4 Million Jobs Gained in August; Unemployment Rate Falls to 8 Percent The Numbers: Unemployment rate fell to 8.4 percent last month from 10.2 percent in July 1.7 million jobs were added in July, and 4.8 million in June Private-sector payroll growth was just 1 million jobs in August Private-sector employment is still 10.7 million below its pre-Covid February level So far 49.5% of the 21.2 million jobs lost at the start of the pandemic were recovered Permanent job losses in August rose by 534,000 to 3.4 million About 6 million workers remain on temporary layoff, down from 18 million in April Median duration of unemployment continued to rise to 16.2 weeks, up from 13.7 in July Retail Leads Job Gains - 249,000 jobs added - sector is still down by 2.5 million since February Professional business services increased by 197,000 Source: SHRM Employment trends index rises for the [...]

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By the Numbers August 12, 2020

Heartbeats of the Economy Through the Lens of Talent Acquisition As Observed by BountyJobs The Numbers: Hiring activity on many of our ATS partners’ platforms was reported at 90+% of pre-COVID-19 levels in July 20% more agencies are engaging to fill open jobs Winning candidate to recruiter’s inbox lead-time shrunk from 7 down to 6 days The 30-day job fill rate for third-party recruiter sourced jobs is currently double than average Highest number of jobs offered for remote work were in medical devices, healthcare services, pharmaceuticals and biotech fields In addition to healthcare, biotech, medical devices; the aerospace & defense and financial services industries posted the most jobs in the past two months Source: BountyJobs Marketplace U.S. Job Growth Report for July The Numbers: ADP’s National Employment Report logged only 167,000 private sector jobs in July, a significant drop following May and June’s growth Employment at medium-sized businesses fell by 25,000 Large business added 129,000 jobs Small [...]

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Hiring During a Pandemic?

We Can Help. Lean on Us to Find the Right Talent, Fast. For companies on the frontline fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, filling critical open roles is more important now than ever before. BountyJobs is committed to helping you get the people you need, fast. If your company is not part of essential services but you are hiring, we want to help. BountyJobs can help your business find the skills it needs as quickly and efficiently as possible in these uncertain times. For customers new to BountyJobs, we are offering no cost access to our recruitment marketplace to help you hire the talent you need.   Click here to learn more and take advantage of the offer.   *************************************************************************************************************** Removing the Roadblocks. Curated Offers from Our Partners to Smoothen Every Step of the Hiring Process. A quickly evolving employment market impacted by global events requires a nimble and fast-moving recruiting process. Organizations within the BountyJobs partner [...]

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