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By the Numbers July 3, 2020

BountyJobs Bites June Unemployment at a Shaky 11.1 Percent The Numbers: 8 million jobs were added to the U.S. economy in June The unemployment rate decreased to 11.1% in June from 13.3% in May However, the misclassification error still continues – the unemployment rate would be 12.3% in June without the error Unemployment claims for the week ended June 27 totaled 1.4 million, more than analyst expectations Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Construction and Other Industries See Hiring Rebound The Numbers: Hiring in construction was up 77% compared to May Growth of at least 75% was seen in industries such as legal, hardware and networking, manufacturing, public safety, public administration and education Hiring in June was down 39.6% in June from last year Source: LinkedIn Hiring Report Pay Cuts on the Rise The Numbers: About four million workers (mostly white-collar jobs) have experienced a pay cut during the pandemic This could signal a long-term [...]

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By the Numbers: June 26, 2020

BountyJobs Bites CEO Economic Confidence Decreases The Numbers: CEOs of small to midsize businesses have less confidence in the economy than 2008 recession levels 80% reported ‘some level of revenue decline’ 41% said they plan to maintain staffing levels Source: Vistage Financial Services Professionals Experiencing Job Security The Numbers: In spite of a negative economic outlook, financial services professionals are confident in their job security 57% have confidence in keeping their jobs over the next six months 62% forecast a worsening economy over the next year Source: Phaidon International Group Healthcare Recruiters See More Activity The Numbers: The healthcare job market may be leveling off due to an increase in recruiting activity along with less position closures 43% of employers are recruiting or have increased recruiting activities in May from April 56% of employers that perform elective procedures have had at least half or more of their volumes return Source: The Medicus Firm BountyJobs Reports: [...]

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By the Numbers: June 19, 2020

BountyJobs Bites: AI Job Post Growth Slows The Numbers: AI job posts in the U.S. slowed their growth by 10% AI and ML (machine learning) job posts grew 14% between January 6 and March 15 year over year Following March 15 growth decreased to just 4.6% year over year Source: LinkedIn Demand for Pharma Jobs Increases The Numbers: Demand is up for customer service, engineering, finance, pharmaceutical research and development (R&D), sales and software development roles Source: Randstad Sourceright Employment in Canada Potentially Heading Toward Rebound The Numbers: Employment in Canada increased by 208,400 jobs in May over April The number of jobs lost in April was revised upward to 2.36 million Source: ADP Canada BountyJobs Reports: Key Strategic Shifts in Hiring and Leadership Within Talent Acquisition The economic landscape has severely impacted talent acquisition, so we created this piece to help employers create a plan to thrive. From strategic partnering on business objectives to [...]

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By the Numbers June 12, 2020

BountyJobs Bites Small Business Employment Begins to Recover The Numbers: Employment in small business increased by .25% in May A year over year decrease was seen at 3.95% A 12-month growth in hourly earnings was reported due to a shift of the index’s employee mix toward jobs with higher pay rates Source: Paychex and HIS Markit IT Hiring Increased in May The Numbers: 28,000 technology workers were added across all sectors in May as stay-at-home orders eased In March, national tech employment lost 19,000 jobs and saw a decline of 33,800 jobs in May – smaller than the 112,000 roles lost in April Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Indeed Job Postings Down 34% Year-Over-Year The Numbers: Job postings on Indeed are down 34% On May 1, postings were down 40% year-over-year New job postings saw a 28% year-over-year decline, better than the 45% recorded May 1 Source: Indeed BountyJobs Reports: Key Strategic Shifts in [...]

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By the Numbers: June 5, 2020

BountyJobs Bites May Sees Largest Jobs Increase Ever The Numbers: Nonfarm payrolls rose by 2.5 million in May and the unemployment rate fell to 13.3% Forecasts had called for a decrease in 8.3 million and an unemployment rate of 19.5% Almost 50% of the job increases came from leisure and hospitality Source: U.S. Labor Department Confusion Abounds Around Skills Needed in this Market The Numbers: 57% of those that are recently unemployed are ‘unable to identify their transferable skills’ 58% are ‘unsure how to communicate transferable skills on their resume’ Source: LiveCareer Many Workers Concerned Their Skills are Obsolete The Numbers: More than 25% of workers say they worry they do not have the skills needed in this recovering economy A third have learned new skills to make sure ‘they had the skills to be employable’ Source: Prudential Financial Employee Confidence Around Retaining Jobs Grows The Numbers: 70% of workers in the last two weeks [...]

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By the Numbers: May 29, 2020

BountyJobs Bites Remote Work May Stick Around Post-COVID The Numbers: The percentage of employees working remotely will likely drop from the current 53% to 22% after the pandemic This is still more than three times higher than last year’s 7% Source: Willis Towers Watson Attrition Not Likely During Pandemic Depending on Employer Response The Numbers: 78% of employed U.S. adults (18+) stated they would not consider a job change during the pandemic 69% didn’t feel they would be able to find a new job during the pandemic 69% of those 44 and younger vs. 55% of those 45 and older would consider changing jobs during the coronavirus outbreak if they felt their current company was not doing enough to protect their employees. Source: Yoh BountyJobs Reports - A Talent Acquisition Peer Forum: Solving the Biggest Hurdles of the Next 30-60-90 Days The Numbers: This global pandemic is impacting some industries with massive hiring freezes while others [...]

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By the Numbers: May 22, 2020

BountyJobs Bites Gig Economy Going Strong The Numbers: Freelance jobs have seen a 21% year-over-year increase in job postings Skills in online content saw a surge, but now there is also a growing demand for programming skills, coding, web development, social media development/online marketing, etc Source: Freelancer.com U.S. Workers Have Lost Trillions Due to Job Losses and Pay Cuts The Numbers: $1.3 trillion in annualized income has been lost due to COVID-19 for U.S. workers This includes $260 billion in cuts for employees who still have jobs About one-fifth of metropolitan areas and even fewer smaller communities will recover employment levels seen before the pandemic by the end of the year Source: SHRM A Third of Workers Impacted by Pandemic Have a New Job The Numbers: One-third of workers who lost a job, income, or hours due to COVID-19 have now started a new job in that timeframe Latino Americans were the most likely group [...]

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By the Numbers: May 15, 2020

BountyJobs Bites Hourly Workers Deal with Unemployment Obstacles The Numbers: 45% of hourly and gig workers have already filed or plan to file for unemployment 47% are concerned about accessing unemployment benefits Hourly and gig workers are also worried more about finding work than the general population Source: Bluecrew Gen Z Workers Hit Hardest by COVID-19 Layoffs The Numbers: Gen Z as well as those that are new to the workforce have been impacted more by COVID-19 related lay-offs than other age groups Those that are 25 years old or younger have seen a 93% higher rate of layoffs than those that are 35 years old or older The tourism industry has seen the most layoffs with a higher percentage for workers between 16 and 19 years old at 33% Source: Gusto Graduates Expect Fast Recruiter Feedback The Numbers: Before stay at home orders were instituted, graduates expected to apply to around 10 jobs – [...]

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By the Numbers: May 8, 2020

BountyJobs Bites 3.17 Million New Jobless Claims The Numbers: 17 million Americans filed jobless claims in the week ending May 2 This adds to the 30 million people who have previously applied for unemployment benefits since COVID-19 significantly hit the U.S. in March Source: Department of Labor Majority of Employers Still Formulating Return-to-Work Plan The Numbers: 56% of employer are starting to work on their return-to-work plan 26% already have a return-to-work strategy 18% do not have a return-to-work strategy Source: Blank Rome Shift to Remote Work Expands Tech Talent Access The Numbers: Only 5% of tech workers are now less interested in a remote position 43% of professionals in tech are actively searching for new job opportunities due to the recession 68% of businesses are reporting active hiring Source: Hired’s State of Remote Work 2020 Internship Offers on the Decline The Numbers: Internship offerings are down, and those in travel and tourism were ‘severely’ [...]

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By the Numbers: May 1, 2020

BountyJobs Bites: Initial Jobless Claims Fall to 3.8 Million The Numbers: For the week ended April 25, the number of initial jobless claims fell by 603,000 to a total of 3.8 million Within the past six weeks more than 30 million initial jobless claims have been filed Source: U.S. Department of Labor Less Than Half of Employers Expect Job Declines The Numbers: 32% of employers expect job declines at their firms 1 % expect increases 63% have leveraged a hiring freeze due to COVID-19 Source: National Association for Business Economics GM to Hire Temporary Workers to Produce Ventilators The Numbers: GM plans to hire more than 1,000 temporary workers to assist in ventilator production At least 30 ventilators are planned by the end of August per a $489 million government contract A starting wage of $16.67 per hour is the rate for both full and part-time positions Source: RTV6 Indianapolis Updated Unemployment Rate Forecast Released [...]

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