>>Agencies see Candidates Interact with Hiring Managers Before You

Agencies see Candidates Interact with Hiring Managers Before You

A candidate could have a stellar work history, degree, and reputation, but if they’re not the right culture fit, they’re not getting the job.

The problem – occasionally, it can be hard to tell how a candidate will interact with the hiring manager before an interview. Sometimes you get lucky, and the candidate and hiring manager get along very well. Other times, you may have to bring several candidates through the door before you find the perfect match.

Bersin by Deloitte research recently reported that developing strong relationships with hiring managers is the top driver of talent acquisition performance and four times more influential than all the other 15 performance drivers measured.

Your relationship with a hiring manager is important, as it plays a huge role in determining your own success. Providing quality candidates with whom the hiring manager can form good relationships will solidify your relationship with them even further.

Good news – your recruiting agency is vetting how your candidates will interact with the hiring manager before you do.

You can make sure they’re successful. Arm your recruiting agency with the right information in order to successfully determine whether or not a candidate will be a good culture fit in addition to ensuring the candidate is fully qualified.

Why do your direct hire recruiting agencies care? Agencies want to provide you with the best candidate possible – it’s their relationship with you that they want to keep, nurture, and grow.

It’s the hiring managers decision: how to best connect them with your direct hire recruiting agencies

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When an agency receives a job order, they work tirelessly to fill that position. They know that whether or not their candidate gets the position is dependent on the hiring manager’s feelings about the candidate.

If the agency submitting a candidate already has a relationship with the hiring manager, then the chances of success are much greater. If not, then some preparation on your part might be best to reduce time to fill and ensure candidate success.

How to prep your agency

Hold a discovery call with all of your agencies and invite the hiring manager. Hosting one conference call where all agencies are briefed on the job opening prevents you from needing to answer the same questions multiple times.

All agencies will have the opportunity to ask any questions and receive all the information they need about the requirements for the position. Most importantly, they will be able to ask the hiring manager about his or her requirements in a candidate to ensure a fit to the team and company culture.

The interview stage: feedback is key so mistakes aren’t repeated

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Once your candidate makes it to the interview stage, you’re going to want to know how he or she felt during the interview, as well as how the hiring manager feels.

Without feedback on why the candidate didn’t connect with the hiring manager, the agency has the potential to send along another candidate with a similar personality, making the same mistake twice.

Your direct hire recruiting agencies aren’t going to want to force a relationship between a candidate and a manager that just isn’t going to work out. Communication is the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

How to prep your agency

Be open and thorough when providing feedback to your recruiting agency about the candidate and the interview.

This is especially important after a phone interview with a candidate that is headed for an in-person interview. If the hiring manager felt something was lacking, providing this feedback to your agency will allow them to best prepare the candidate for their upcoming interview.

You’ll also get to hear feedback from your agency on how the candidate felt about their experience. This will determine the hiring manager’s performance – whether or not the company’s brand was adequately represented, the right company culture was projected, or questions were answered thoroughly.

Agencies are looking for your perfect fit fast: reduce time to fill

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Agencies are going to be looking for a lot of feedback – and that can be a lot to handle if you’re working with several agencies on several job postings.

Even though it can be overwhelming, providing this feedback is the best way to speed up the hiring process and prevent a clash between candidate and hiring manager personalities. Speed up the feedback process by providing a framework ahead of time.

How to prep your agency

If speed is a top priority for a specific job opening, let your agency know ahead of time. Alert them to your workflow, and introduce them to your feedback methods before the search begins.

Prepare them for calls, introduce them to feedback channels, and show them any other approaches that may be specific to your company – and of course, don’t forget to introduce them to the hiring manager if needed.

Preparing your agencies using these three methods allows them to do their best work finding you the perfect candidate – one that is qualified, eager to join your company, and who will be the ideal culture fit.

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