>>Texas In Need of 6,500 Travel Nurses

Texas In Need of 6,500 Travel Nurses

The headlines are everywhere, reporting a surge in COVID-19 cases nationwide. With that comes a high demand for healthcare workers. It’s not only the active cases of the pandemic causing the strain on healthcare talent. Exhaustion and burnout are playing a role too.

Searches for nurse practitioners are up 24% year-over-year per a recent report. In addition to telehealth services, NPs are sought after to staff urgent care centers and outpatient clinics. The average salary for these roles is about $140,000, an increase of 12% year-over-year.

The second most-recruited role is family physicians (average salary of $243,000). However, only 18% of search engagements were for this role, down from 20% the year prior and 22% before that. The highest average salary tracked for physicians in this report? Interventional Cardiologists at $611,000.

Texas needs around 6,500 travel nurses due to a drastic increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations as well as worker exhaustion/burnout. Louisiana and Florida as well as other states are also in need – 47,000 travel nurse positions are open across the country.

Help Wanted: Truckers, Supply-Chain, and Restaurant Workers

Recent data reports a 35% increase in job openings in July. The top four fields in critical need are for truckers, supply-chain infrastructure workers, quick-service restaurant workers, and hospitality workers. Areas such as Florida, Texas, California, and New York also saw an increase in their areas for healthcare workers.

Show Me the Money

More than half (62%!) of organizations look to increase base salaries over the next six months, per a recent survey.  The hope is the pay hike will help attract new hourly and salaried employees. Almost 70% report that their base salaries come in above the market reference point. Another tactic to lure candidates in the door that 50% of employers are offering are signing bonuses. Better grab those quick, though, because only 20% will see those through in 2022. Another 21% of organizations are offering retention bonuses.

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