>>Seasonal Hiring Heats Up

Seasonal Hiring Heats Up

We blinked and seasonal hiring season is just about here.

If you remember, in 2020 the US holiday season posted better-than-expected retail sales growth. During December 2020 retail sales were up 8.6% unadjusted year-over-year (per NRF, National Retail Federation). As the pandemic swelled, people flocked to their devices for online shopping…and shipping.

For 2021?

eMarketer is forecasting an increase of 2.7% (to $1.093 trillion) of US holiday retail sales. Yep, this holiday season is shaping up to be a strong one – ecommerce sales are forecasted to increase 11.3% (t0 $206.88 billion), achieving a record 18.9% of total holiday season retail sales.

The economy continues to gain its footing across industries and roles supporting the upcoming holiday rush are no different. Employers are releasing their hiring plans and recruiting has begun in earnest. For some, these hourly roles will turn into solid full-time positions with benefits. For others, the power of a contingent workforce for company objectives throughout the year continues to be a driving factor in growth.

Some heavy-hitters hiring for the holidays:

  • Amazon: 120K openings
  • Target: 100k+ openings
  • UPS: 95K openings
  • Macy’s: 80K openings
  • FedEx 50K openings
  • JC Penney: 40K openings
  • Michael’s: 30K openings
  • Radial: 23K openings
  • Toys R Us: 12K openings
  • JOANN: 12K openings
  • 1-800-Flowers: 8K openings
  • Williams Sonoma: 4K openings
  • Burlington: 4,200 openings
  • Kohl’s: 2,250 openings
  • Teletech: 250 openings (provides tech support for large retailers)

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Happy holidays! In July!

Erin and Team BountyJobs

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