>>Recruiting Leader Data Toolkit [Free Download]

Recruiting Leader Data Toolkit [Free Download]

It’s hard to strategically meet the goals of your talent acquisition team while also keeping up with hiring demands. This requires stretching your own capabilities, as well as those of your recruiting team.

The Recruiting Leader Data Toolkit provides you with reliable resources and tools to help you make sense of your organization’s overall talent acquisition efforts.

Our toolkit helps you take these efforts to the next level by helping you make informed cost-sensitive and performance-oriented budgeting decisions.

The best part about this toolkit – you’re gaining these insights using your own numbers, data and information.

Even more complicated than analyzing, planning, and budgeting for your talent acquisition efforts is incorporating your use of direct hire recruiting agencies. You have to make room for them in the budget, and explain to leadership how they fit into your overall strategy – this toolkit gives you the resources necessary to do so easily.

In this toolkit, we’ll provide you with the ability to understand your talent acquisition strategy, and the tools you need to apply these insights to your own organization’s budget.

This set of resources and tools allows recruiting leaders to budget and strategize for their broader talent acquisition efforts with the following:

  • Internal and external cost comparison
  • Cost-per-hire calculator
  • Recruiting cost ratio calculator
  • Internal recruiting team quality calculator
  • Agency cost calculator
  • Direct hire agency benchmarking data
  • Agency quality calculator

Ready to receive these tools and resources, and to build a better budget that optimally reflects your talent acquisition strategy this year? Download our free guide.

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