>>By the Numbers: March 30, 2018

By the Numbers: March 30, 2018

Reports in the media claim that everything is looking up in the U.S. hiring market. Unemployment is at a historic low, jobs growth is consistent, and salaries are on the rise. Our own research along with what we’ve heard from those in the field uncovered indicators of change on the horizon. We’ll review the three areas that seem to be moving the needle in a new direction and what we may expect in the year ahead.

In our report, ‘Cognitive Dissonance: Reports vs. Reality‘ we go behind the headlines:

• Salaries Are Movin’ On Up…or Are They?
• Consistent Jobs Growth Might Be Anything But
• How the Political Climate Factors In
• Observations and Best Practices

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BountyJobs Bites

Indeed: Employer Diversity and Inclusion Ratings Revealed

Partnering with Fairygodboss, Comparably, and InHerSight, Indeed will begin posting employer diversity scores on company pages. In addition, reviews and ratings by women will be featured as a way to increase transparency regarding the employer’s diversity and inclusion efforts…or lack thereof.

Distractions at Work Continue to be a Challenge

A recent survey from Udemy finds that 69% of full-time employees deal with distraction at work, and it’s becoming a problem. The report, ‘2018 Workplace Distraction Report’ states that 70% of survey respondents feel training could help them on this issue, 66% have never requested such help. Younger workers are feeling the weight of this issue moreso, as they struggle in managing using devices for both personal and professional use.

Late to Work…Again?

A recent CareerBuilder survey shows that while employee tardiness is on the decline from last year, 25% of workers still find arriving to work on time a challenge. This seems to affect the younger workforce set the most, as 38% of those between the ages of 18-34 are culprits of this at least once a month. Those within the ages of 35 to 44 come in at a slightly lower 38%, and those 44 and over are soooo punctual as they drop off to 14%.

Michigan Bans Salary History…Bans

Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill on March 26th that is essentially the opposite of those signed in recent months by other governors. The bill bans local governments from passing laws that would prohibit employers from asking about previous compensation history of potential candidates. This flies right in the face of other states and cities adopting compensation history bans as a way to increase wage equality.

Amazon Entering the E-Learning Space?

Although the company denies it, there are murmurings that they are planning on entering the e-learning vertical. Job postings requiring experience building a ‘learning platform’ and other actions lead many to believe, as CNBC mentions, that the company may be building a corporate training service.

Global Employee Engagement Back to an All-Time High

A recent Aon report states that employee engagement levels have reached a previous all-time high rate of 65% in 2017, up from 63% in 2016. The ‘2018 Global Employee Engagement Trends Report’ findings include recognition and fair pay as top engagement drivers.

CHROs Advancing Toward Next Opp…But Have No Backfills

A study from the Salveson Stetson Group found that 80% of CHROs are happy in their current role but 61% would leave for the right opportunity. However, of those, only about half would have a replacement at the ready.  At 20%, company culture was cited as the top reason for jumping ship to another organization.

Starbucks Closes all U.S. Gender Pay Gaps, Works on International

Starbucks has reportedly closed all gender and race-based pay gaps for the U.S. workers and has a goal of closing the gap for their employees worldwide. As they move through the process, the company plans on sharing their findings (calculations of pay equity principals, etc) so other companies can follow suit.

Lack of Digital Tools a Top Reason for Employee Turnover

A recent Randstad U.S. report, Workplace 2025: The Post-Digital Frontier, found that four in ten employees left a job due to not having access to the latest digital tools. Another 58% left in order to gain training and increase their skills with digital tools.  On the flipside, 80% of respondents stated that company’s in synch with the latest digital tools would attract them more.

Gig Work Becoming More the Standard than the Exception

The 2017 Gig Economy Talent Manager Research Report by Kelly Services found that 65%  of talent and hiring manager respondents feel that the ‘gig economy is rapidly becoming the new normal for how businesses organize work.’ 43% of those working with gig workers report labor costs savings of 20% and 72% feel utilizing gig workers gives them a competitive advantage.

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