>>By the Numbers: December 29, 2017

By the Numbers: December 29, 2017

Just a wild guess – you’re prepping for your most successful year ever in Talent Acquisition, yet are feeling overwhelmed with it all. You’re expected to not only keep up with but stay ahead of the latest trends, key legislation, cutting edge technology and core analytics all while keeping your head above water with a severe lack of resources.

We get it. And we’ve got your back.

We’ve created the below reports to help you navigate these choppy waters and come out on top. From analytics that will more than move your needle, to the trends that will make the most impact in 2018, we’ve curated the information worth your time to know NOW.  We’ve also thrown in a few blog posts that were a hit with our readers – think of it as our little holiday gift to you.

Cheers to a powerful 2018!

Agency Recruiting Benchmark Report 2017

We took a deep dive into the immense volume of our data, sorted through it, selected the most impactful data points, and curated it all within our latest annual report.  We know that in this hyper-competitive industry, it is critical to come to the table with the strongest offer possible.  To ensure you have created the most attractive compensation package, you need to know that role, that industry, like the back of your hand.

In our Annual Recruiting Benchmark Report for 2017:

  • Find Out Key Trends in Salaries and Fees to Get the Upper Hand on Your Competition
  • Is it a Candidate’s Market? Dive into This and Other Growing Trends You Need to Know About Now
  • Learn Core Metrics to Track to Increase the ROI of Your Third-Party Search Investment
  • Discover Ways to Ensure the Relationship Between Employer and Agency is the Most Productive as Possible
  • Are You Offering the Most Desired Benefits Candidates Are Looking For?

Are you ahead of the curve or falling behind? See where your talent acquisition organization stacks up against your peers.

Download Your Report Now.

Talent Acquisition Year in Review 2017

To say that the year 2017 in Talent Acquisition was a whirlwind would be a massive understatement. With the lowest unemployment rate in the U.S. in decades, for many that meant that traditional hiring practices got a facelift as the competition for top talent got that much tighter.  Data analytics took center stage for many organizations: identifying, tracking and deciphering data points to better form decisions backed by solid metrics gave many a leg up in optimizing their efforts. Technology-forward recruiting efforts continued to climb as an effective tool for sourcing and hiring as well as for long-term retention.

In this report, discover:

  • Influential Trends in Recruiting
  • Top Challenges and Growth Opportunities
  • Key Learnings & Insights
  • A Look Ahead to 2018

Download the report here.

Ban on Compensation History Inquiries

The ban on compensation history inquiries has caused quite the buzz within talent acquisition. This new legislation effectively makes it illegal for employers to ask applicants for their compensation history when considering them for a role. The thought is that by removing this question as an option within the interview process, employers will more than likely review the candidate’s experience, education, and cultural fit rather than their previous compensation when both considering them for the role as well as the compensation range to offer. By doing so, the spirit of the law is that this will pave the way for increasing pay equality – based on merit and experience – rather than looking at an applicant’s gender, race, or other characteristics. 

In this white paper, uncover:

  • How Employers Are Interpreting the Law
  • Steps Employers May Take to Apply the Legislation
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance
  • Options for Candidates

Get the report.

Out to Search: A Third-Party Recruiting Collaboration & Performance Survey

Third-party search is a commonly used recruitment channel for many companies.  Our survey focused on exploring the unique relationship between companies seeking to fill roles and third-party recruitment agencies sourcing talent on their behalf.
 If everyone uses search and not necessarily in the same way, how do you maximize the effectiveness and return from this channel?

Download our Out To Search: A Third-Party Recruiting Collaboration & Performance Survey to discover:

  • Critical Reasons Search is a Staple
  • Top Employer and Agency Challenges (they’re solvable!)
  • Key Metrics that Make the Most Impact
  • What This Means for 2017 and Beyond

See how well-poised your organization is to fully utilize third-party search for success. Grab the report here.

Vertical-Specific Recruiting Benchmark Reports

This past year we produced quarterly vertical-specific reports that honed in on four of the most active industries in our Marketplace: Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

In these reports, arm yourself with this key data specific to each industry:

  • Roles in Demand
  • Key Trends in Salaries and Fees
  • Average Recruitment Timeline
  • Recommendations for Success

Download Your vertical-specific Agency Recruiting Benchmark Reports Now:

Information Technology

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology


Financial Services

Fan Favorites 2017: Blog Posts

Here are the 10 blog posts that resonated the most with our audience in 2017. Thank you for the blog love – every piece of content we create is with those in talent acquisition in mind.  Our goal is to decrease the clutter and support you with tools and information to help increase your productivity, efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

1.) Movers & Shakers in Tech: Who Are They Hiring?

It’s no surprise that this industry and the subcategories it touches is seeing exponential growth with no end in sight.

2.) AI in Recruiting: Data Mining in the 21st Century

The AI market is hot and competitive in each industry it touches, and TA is no exception. How can it help you optimize your recruiting processes?

3.) Spotlight on Third-Party Search: Information Technology

Learn more about trends in IT fees, salaries, and performance.

4.) TMA Summits – Philadelphia 2017

We had a great time presenting and attending both the TMA Talent Acquisition and Healthcare Recruiting Summits in Philadelphia. Here are a few highlights!

5.) By The Numbers: December 8, 2017

Talent Acquisition Year in Review 2017, Top Pay for AI Engineers, and more highlighted in this edition.

6.) By The Numbers: December 1, 2017

Ban on Compensation History Inquiries, Hiring increase in 2018, the 50 Best Workplaces for Parents and more in this edition.

7.) By the Numbers: September 22, 2017

Realities of a Tight Labor Market, Highest Paying Roles, Raises at a Standstill and other topics in this segment.

8.) By the Numbers December 15, 2017

Reports to Help 2018 Planning, Gig Economy Affects Jobs Report, IT Hiring to Increase and other trends this week.

9.) By the Numbers October 6, 2017

Tech Salaries to Outpace All in 2018, Golden Age of the Gig Economy and other highlights in this edition.

10.) By the Numbers November 17, 2017

Top Reasons to Leave a Job, Office Politics Matter in Promotions and other hot topics.

Have an idea for a blog topic? Drop us a line at blog@bountyjobs.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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