>>By the Numbers: April 13, 2018

By the Numbers: April 13, 2018

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March Hiring Continues Positive Trend

Per the LinkedIn Workforce Report for April 2018, hiring was up 19.3% year over year in the U.S.  Hiring saw a large burst during the summer months last year, so those year over year comparisons should be interesting.  Financial Services and Insurance, Aerospace/Automotive/Transportation, and Manufacturing/Industrial all had the largest year-over-year gains with 18-20 % increases.

Looking at March growth over February 2018 shows a 3.1% growth when seasonally-adjusted.

Execs and Employees Differ in Interview Format Preferences

Per ‘The Growth Divide Study’ from Wakefield Research for Reflektive, 94% of executives ‘remain confident’ in the way they have been conducting interviews historically. However, 61% of employees view the traditional interview format as outdated.

Gamers Could Solve Cybersecurity Demands

A recent report, Winning the Game’ from McAfee, suggests that gamers could be the solution to the skills gap challenge in cybersecurity. 92% of respondents (senior security managers/security professionals in public and private sectors) state that gaming could be grooming players in experience and skills need to combat cybersecurity, such as logic, perseverance, and an updated point of view.

Micromanaging Wins Out as Worst Boss Type

A recent survey from Comparably found that 39% of respondents felt that a micromanager was ‘the worst trait’ to be found in a boss. Second to that was ‘overly critical’ at 22% and ‘disorganized’ at 16%.

Further Data Released on Pay Gap

A recent global report from Hired found that 63% of the time women are offered lower salaries than men. Further, women are paid 4%-45% less as their male counterpart. These numbers are relatively flat when compared with last year’s report.

Job Growth Slows Slightly

Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs increased to 103K in March.  The unemployment rate remained at 4.1% with 6.6 million people unemployed. According to Indeed’s Hiring Lab, poor weather conditions is the chief reason for the underwhelming jobs growth and is not indicative of a continuous downturn.

Kroger Targeting 11K Hires

As part of an over-arching plan to keep up with changes in their industry, Kroger is planning on hiring for 11,000 roles – 2,000 of which will be management level. In addition, $500 million is earmarked for worker pay and education over the next 3 years.

Healthcare Continues to be Largest Job Source

At almost 16 million people employed, healthcare remains ahead of retail and manufacturing as the industry employing the largest group of people. A year and a half in with the new administration has seen about 24K jobs per month added by healthcare companies. The industry is seen as ‘recession-proof’ by many, as sickness and dying are consistent. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of the ten fastest growing jobs in the next 10 years are in healthcare or elderly assistance.

Most Workers Open to New Opportunities

Per a survey released by Yoh, 85% of employed U.S. workers would be open to a job change as only 15% surveyed disclosed they would not leave their current job. Other than a pay raise, a flexible work environment, and improved benefits top the list of reasons to switch.

‘Silver Tsunami’ Hitting IT Teams

Older employees are retiring in droves sparking a ‘silver tsunami’ in IT. A ‘flexible sourcing program’ is utilized by the IT department for the city of Austin – extending the IT workload to external sources to help lift the load.

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