>>Are Headhunters Safe From the Giant Technology Monster?

Are Headhunters Safe From the Giant Technology Monster?

For years, people were posting fear mongering fables that blasted a headline bulletin claiming we were smack dab in the middle of the end times for headhunters.
LinkedIn vs. agency placements, LinkedIn is not a Godzillian Sasquatch

LinkedIn was treated as if it were a Godzillian Sasquatch, and nothing could be done to stop the death of even a single headhunting career.

Looking back, it is laughable. Neve rtheless, LinkedIn continues to be an ongoing resource for employers and headhunters alike.

In our opinion, LinkedIn has made a full transition from feared giant technology monster that will destroy the entire profession of third party recruiting into a functional job board tool that helps employers and headhunters place candidates.

So is it over? Are Headhunters really safe?

Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows what is in store as technology advances and becomes more and more catered to the needs of employers. How do we feel about it? We see both headhunters and technology as necessary tools needed for employers to have successful recruiting efforts.

Technology can solve several of the problems that arise when companies work with recruiting agencies: monitoring agency spend, standardizing contracts, communicating with agencies through your ATS, etc. These are all great things.

What can technology not do? Replace headhunters. Recruiting agencies continue to thrive because they can fill jobs with strong, qualified candidates on a level that can’t be replicated by a computer, algorithm, or app. They thrive because they master the “double sell,” having the skill to get (and fill) the job order, while at the same time having the skill to get (and close) the ideal candidate.

Technology can augment these skills, but it can’t replace them. It is our prediction that headhunters and employers who embrace technology as a tool will become more successful in the industry and have better results with agency placements.

For the near future, it looks like the LinkedIn vs. Agency Placements battle will wage on, but it is our strong belief that headhunters will prevail, and our goal is to help both employers and headhunters get the most out of working with one another.


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