>>“Is this job real?” Reminder for employer, fresh air for headhunters!

“Is this job real?” Reminder for employer, fresh air for headhunters!

The world of recruiting is layered and complex. While on its face, the field of recruiting may appear to be simple: “(A) post job + (B) make placement = (C) successful business relationship,” unfortunately minor details are often ignored and common missteps occur.

An important aspect of attaining success lies in maintaining employer-agency relationships in order to secure placements. In securing such employer-agency relationships, a little reassurance goes a long way when communicating effectively to agencies.


Often times, when speaking with agencies, I’m bombarded by an interesting recurring inquiry: “Is this job real?” Initially, I scoffed at the question, but then I realized why such a question was posed. Unclear details of role responsibilities, a non-existent timeline, no target date for placement, no definite base location (i.e. role posted as ‘available in PA, NY and northeastern region’) as well as a high number of submissions to one role without an update, are all factors which contribute to the aforementioned inquiry.

While these factors are issues BountyJobs continues to manage and resolve, they’re also issues which relate to the field of recruiting overall. It’s necessary to reassure headhunters who are interested in working hard on your role. Agencies are mindful of the take-away for a fill, not just monetarily, but also as a contribution to their success rates or statistics overall.

Three immediate steps you can take to make sure you don’t fall into the afore-mentioned trap —

  1. Fill in the blanks: Define the incentives and other signifying details for a role, i.e. location of a role, the exact responsibilities for a position, an approximation of when the role is desired to be filled by.
  2. What’s my competition?: Aside from our specific site allowance of having headhunters to see the number of other engaged headhunters, it’s important to give an idea of what the competition is like byway of stated qualifications for a role.
  3. Touch-base: Follow up within a reasonable time frame; no more than a 3-week span.


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