>>Is There a Wonder Woman for Hiring?

Is There a Wonder Woman for Hiring?

New Job Posting: Superhero Needed to Help Shifting Talent Acquisition Market 😉


We called it.

Our own Chief Product Officer, Stacey Steiger, speaking with Vadim Liberman (editor, TLNT and ERE) and Madeline Laurano (Founder, Aptitude Research) a few months ago in our webinar, “Contingent Workforce Management: You Have Better Options” said,

“A lot of you are feeling pretty tapped out right now. Here’s the kicker though: there’s an impending hiring tsunami, it’s not a wave, we believe it’s a tsunami and it’s coming as the labor market starts to rev back up and companies that have been holding back on hiring are gonna say, ‘go’. We’re watching our platform right now and we’re already seeing the lift-off start to happen, watching increasing job volume, and we think it’s going to be a doozy.”

Turns out we were right. A doozy it is.

Chew on this: in April 2021 266,000 jobs were added to the U.S. labor market. In May, that number rose to 559,000. June? We’re talking 850,000 – ahead of the forecasted 706,000.


The hiring floodgates have opened across industries, with some being hit harder than others. We are seeing activity in our platform not seen before in the decades long history of tracking performance.


Employers are taking a stab at hiring solutions that they may not have just 18 months ago – enlisting the help and expertise of third-party recruiters, growing a contingent workforce, expanding their offerings to include remote positions, and embracing work-shifting for the long-term.


Want to see what else we see in our crystal ball? We just released a special edition of our annual benchmark report. We give it to you straight – exactly what our data is telling us (salary trends for the top industries and roles, recruiting performance) and what it’s not telling us; trends that we will be keeping a close eye on for 2022.


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