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Know Your Agency: Are Agencies Tech-Savvy or Technophobes?

Last spring we had a sudden impulse to get to know the headhunters using BountyJobs.
Our reasoning was entirely self-centered. We wanted to figure out what updates headhunters would find most useful to the BountyJobs platform. So, we found 100 headhunters from a random sample of active agencies on BountyJobs and asked them a slew of questions about how they do their jobs and what they like about it.

Well, we got answers to our questions, and then realized that this information could be useful not only to us, but to many.

So, look for our BountyJobs upgrade and a full report of our findings in the next few months, but until then we’ve been leaving a trail of crumbs to follow to the big prize. This is the third part in a series of posts about our recent study. Find part one and part two on our blog:

For today, the big question is this: How do agencies use technology?

How do Agencies Use Technology?


Tech-savvy or technophobe? Maybe a bit of both. We collected data about their internet use, use of mobile devices and social media. The answers were thought-provoking.

Internet Usagedigital media use by Americans

Headhunters spend 6-8 hours a day on the internet. A recent study posted on Mashable states that the average American spends a total of 11 hours a day with digital media including internet, television, smartphone, and even gaming.

Their stats show that the average American spends roughly 1 hour on the internet on a PC. Headhunters put in a lot more than that! Need a stocking stuffer idea for a headhunter in your life? How about some of those anti-glare, eye fatigue glasses?

Mobile Devices

They don’t use them that much. So, for all that internet usage, headhunters seem to be a bit technophobe when it comes to using their mobile device for work.

A whopping 92% of agencies in our survey reported using a laptop or PC for their work, and only 8% claimed that they use a mobile device or smartphone.

Social Media

LinkedIn dominates. 93% of agencies said they use social media to do their jobs, and 91% said they use LinkedIn. That’s no surprise: LinkedIn is ubiquitous for anyone sourcing candidates. What is surprising about social media use by headhunters? How little any other social media platforms seem to matter for work.

Facebook? Only 39%. While full-cycle recruiters might use Facebook heavily for brand purposes, agencies have neither the time, the energy or the need. Twitter is even less important with only 24% saying they participate on Twitter. When they did use Twitter or Facebook, one typical agency response was to use it very specifically, saying,

” …and post jobs and or use social media to alert network on openings.”

Are you a headhunter? Do you consider yourself tech-savvy? How does your technology use compare to our findings? Tell us in the comments, on Twitter @BountyJobs, or on LinkedIn.


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