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HCI Conference: Making the Hiring Process a Whole Lot Easier

Over half of CEOs are expecting to increase headcount next year, but according to a recent PwC survey, they all have concerns about the quality of those candidates.

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) is hoping to change that by driving forward the latest talent acquisition strategies. Because of the load they often carry, talent acquisition leaders are sometimes thought of as reactionary.

If processes were streamlined, recruiters could source, assess, select, and hire proactively and have their organization’s bottom line goals in mind, not just a role they need to fill quickly.

At the HCI 2016 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference, attendees listened to recruiting experts talk about how they’ve restructured their talent acquisition departments to adjust for optimal performance and sourcing.

The conference took place from May 2nd to 4th, at the Boston Seaport in MA – a majority was focused on the candidate, and how to make the interview process (your candidate’s first impression of your company) the best it can possibly be.

Our Director of Enterprise Partnerships, Joe Miranda, had the privilege of attending the conference with some of the top leaders in talent acquisition, and he thought that meeting with the attendees was the best part.

“The best part about these events is always networking with people at the forefront of recruiting,” Miranda said.

“This industry is evolving fast as new technologies shape the hiring process, and the attendees at HCI have a unique insight into the problems they’re solving. But more importantly – they have a plan for how to move forward and be successful.”

The other attendees at the conference had a lot to say about how to streamline their processes, but it really all boils down to these three things – how to structure your talent acquisition function, aligning your strategy with business goals, and defining excellence in your team.

The way we work is changing, and it’s going to require talent acquisition to be restructured.

The structure of your talent acquisition team will reflect the mindset in which you approach your strategy.

In order to optimize efforts, speakers at the 2016 HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference learned to go from being transactional (simply filling roles as they come), to developing an engaged team with a real effect on the bottom line (proactive players).

The number one way to ensure this happens in your department is aligning your processes, structure and governance to the business goals.

You have to structure your team optimally in order to be effective in the new social and fast-paced world of talent acquisition.

Attendees at the conference agree that structure should be a focus, and engagement from employees is how you focus your recruiting team:


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