Free Fitbits, a Flat Screen TV and an Open Bar with BountyJobs at ERE 2016 (Booth #520)

Data and analytics are becoming a necessity for talent acquisition leaders. Knowing metrics like cost of hire, source of hire, and candidate quality is no longer a luxury that helps leadership get ahead. They’re now an integral part of each organization’s bottom line.

For recruiting leaders, talent acquisition data is becoming important enough to talk about, and meet about at conferences and trade shows around the world.

BountyJobs is joining the conversation at ERE Spring 2016 in Las Vegas. We’ll be helping recruiting and talent acquisition leaders gain a better grasp of their agency spend, and how they can optimize direct hire for their organizational needs.

In fact, we’re giving them the tools to do so (literally). At the show, we’ll be promoting our Recruiting Leader Data Toolkit, packed full of tools, worksheets and calculators to help organizations gain a better understanding of how direct hire recruiting fits into their organization’s overall goals for talent acquisition.

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