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ERE 2016 Attendees You Can’t Miss at the Networking Party

This week, talent acquisition leaders from companies all over the US are headed to Las Vegas for ERE 2016. They’ll be exploring how they can better leverage data for their recruiting efforts, and how reporting and predictive analytics can help keep them ahead of the curve.We’ll be at the show too – check out some of the awesome activities we’ll be hosting while were there, including an open bar, demo viewing opportunities, and great give-aways.

The attendee list at ERE 2016 is impressive, and we had the opportunity to talk to some of the attendees before the show to see what they hope to get out of their experience.

Below are five ERE 2016 attendees you don’t want to miss at the networking party during this event. They’re from some of the world’s largest brands, and will be a treasure trove of information regarding talent acquisition data.

Paul Tanguay, Global Director of Recruitment Strategies, UPS

Tanguay has been with UPS for 30 years (22 of those in talent acquisition), and has risen through the ranks with the opportunity to build a global recruiting department.

Ask him about: how UPS is using data and analytics to tackle the talent shortage.

He’s in charge of all global recruiting efforts, while his partner Matt Lavery (also attending the show) handles the professional and corporate level recruiting. They have an internal recruiting team dedicated to analytics, and are constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve their recruiting process.

The information they have is valuable, but Tanguay wants more. At the show, he’s looking forward to interact and connect with other talent acquisition executives in the same boat. Data analytics are very important to UPS, and he’s hoping to discover some of the newest trends and technologies in recruiting.

Carey Ribley, Recruiting Manager, DaVita

Carey fell into talent acquisition after college, and has worked on both the corporate and agency side of recruiting. Corporate is where her passion lies – she loves brining a new hire into a company that’s the right fit, and is passionate about what they do.

Ask her about: using Taleo to track data for recruiting nurses, one of the most challenging positions for DaVita to fill.

At DaVita, one of the largest kidney care companies in the US, they use a lot of data to influence the hiring process. They track things like applicant volume, conversions, the candidate process, time to fill, and the success of a position just to name a few.

Ribley is interested in finding a streamlined and effective ways to leverage data for talent acquisition. They use Taleo for data management – data is currently inputted manually by recruiters, meaning there is always room for human error.

“People analytics are a good tool,” Ribley said. “You have to use them, but they’re not always black and white.”

She’s excited to just be around thought leaders and what’s innovative right now in recruiting – hoping to talk to other leaders who have broken the typical talent acquisition routine.

While we couldn’t speak with these attendees directly, you still don’t want to miss them at the show.

Kerry Royer, Director, Talent Acquisition, Verizon

Kerry has risen up the ranks at Verizon over the course of the last eight years since 2008, starting as a retail sales manager and climbing her way up to director of talent acquisition.

She has been a part of focusing on the development of a better company culture, using data and people analytics to drive the efforts forward. Forbes reported some of the changes Verizon has seen recently to their culture:

“Verizon is now viewing their employees as if they are “customers” of the working environment in order to make all internal interactions as simple, personal, and reliable as possible.

From easier-to-use training materials that include more optionality in what resources are available to use for continuing education to welcoming objective feedback within teams as a means of obtaining recently redirected common goals for Verizon, everything is under scrutiny to become easier for employees to handle.”

Royer will be able to shed light on how Verizon leverages data to drive this effort forward, and how simplicity and personalization brings in the best talent.

Jason Rundell, VP, Talent Acquisition, T. Rowe Price

Rundell has been a talent acquisition executive for over four years, and has been a leader in crafting scalable solutions to talent acquisition problems. According to an interview with one of his co-workers by SHRM, he’s been part of a major transition for T. Rowe Price when it comes to recruiting:

“Where we’ve been as a firm is very paper-oriented and, some would say, very conservative,” Michael Regulski, Vice President of T. Rowe Price said, “so we’ve taken extra care (managing talent digitally).”

As the firm looked to create a better digital experience for its associates, it took a broad approach. “We’ve not gotten hung up with a traditional HR/vendor thing, but looked at it as the same as how we deliver to our T. Rowe Price clients,” Regulski says. “We are aligning the associate digital experience to the full digital capabilities of the firm.”

Rundell will be able to shed some light on how the transition to a more digital experience will use data for talent acquisition, and evolve from a company that has stayed more traditional in talent acquisition efforts.

Bradley Prichard, Director, Talent Acquisition Operations, Coca-Cola North America

Prichard has been the Director of Talent Acquisition at Coca-cola for eight years. He’s been positioned as a great talent acquisition leader, and has extensive experience driving global efforts. For their enterprise corporation, talent acquisition is supporting massive growth:

Coca-Cola Enterprise (CCE) in Europe alone is pulling in over $8 billion in revenue a year, has 12,000 employees and 17 manufacturing facilities. And of this workforce, 60% are blue collar, 25% work in sales, with the rest working as part of global functions.

Prichard will talk about how Coca-Cola handles this massive undertaking in North America, and how they use data to drive their efforts.

Come meet these attendees and more at the BountyJobs and Way Up ERE KickOff Open Bar on Wednesday, April 6th at 8pm. Hang out with BountyJobs at ERE to learn how you can better manage your recruiting agencies with our SaaS solution.

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