By the Numbers: March 1, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Employee Loyalty on the Downturn The Numbers: 43% of workers would leave their job for a 10% increase That percentage is an increase from 2015 which was 23% Poor culture is chief reason for declining loyalty The Source: TINYpulse Digital Disconnect Hurts Productivity The Numbers: 89% of respondents feel that disjointed digital communication ‘tanks employee morale, lowers productivity, and impacts customer satisfaction and the bottom line’ The Source: RingCentral ‘Spatial Mismatch’ Negatively Impacting Applicants in Major Cities The Numbers: Job listings outnumbered available job seekers in zip codes in 12 out of 16 cities analyzed The cities which the greatest percentage of open jobs that far outnumber available workers were Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Minneapolis. 3 miles is the farthest reasonable distance that workers could live from the center of each zip code to work a job there The Source: Urban Institute BountyJobs Reports: 2018 in Talent Acquisition and [...]

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By the Numbers: February 22, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Salary Negotiations Are the Norm The Numbers: 55% of professionals attempted to negotiate a higher salary in 2018 68% of male professionals entered into negotiations 45% of women tried to negotiate 65% of professionals aged 18-34 asked for higher salaries (compared to 55% of those 35-54) Source: Robert Half Flexible Work Options Help Relationships The Numbers: Almost 100% of respondents feel that flexible work options could help them with mental health issues 81% thought a flexible job would help them be a better spouse, partner, significant other 87% said a flexible job would supply more time to spend with family and friends Source: FlexJobs Average U.S. Weekly Wage Rises in Q3 The Numbers: The U.S. average weekly wage increased 3.3% year over year to $1,155 in Q3 Chatham County in Georgia and King County in Washington state posted the largest year-over-year percentage increases in average weekly wages – gains of 8.5% and 7.9% [...]

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By the Numbers: February 15, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Labor Market Tightens with Record Job Openings The Numbers: There were 7.3 million job openings in the U.S. in December This is a 2.4% increase from November and a 29.4% increase year over year  Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics One-Third of Americans Plan to Look for a New Job in 2019 The Numbers:  33% of Americans are planning to look for a new job this year 48% of those are 18-34 year olds 90% of those looking for a new job will do so within the first quarter of 2019 54% believe it will be an easy process Source: Monster Worldwide Inc. Quick, Timely Feedback Bolsters Candidate Experience The Numbers: Candidates that receive same-day feedback are 52% more likely to continue engaging with that potential employer (reapplying, referring others, etc) Those who did not receive feedback were twice as likely to end the relationship with the prospective employer Source: Talent Board Voluntary [...]

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By the Numbers: February 8, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Unemployment Rate Reaches 4% The Numbers: The U.S. unemployment increased from 3.9% to 4% in January Nonfarm jobs increased by 304,000 Unemployed workers grew to 6.5 million with 175K being temporarily laid off Source: U.S. Bureau of Statistics Most CFOs Struggle to Find Talent The Numbers: 93% of CFOs find the competitive hiring market is a strain on recruiting talent Staff-level roles take 30 days or more Manager-level roles can take an average of 5 weeks Source: Robert Half Finance & Accounting Automation Increases Hiring of Human Workers The Numbers: 87% of employers plan to grow or maintain headcount due to automation, up from 86% last year 25% of production and manufacturing employers forecast an increase in headcount 20% expect to employ less people this year Source: ManPower Group 2018 in Talent Acquisition and the 2019 Impact The Numbers: 62% of recruiters state that the obstacles in finding key candidates are harder than [...]

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By the Numbers: February 1, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Talent Acquisition Resources Imperative to Business Success The Numbers: 83% of HR leaders have a goal to ‘have a measurable impact on their business’ performance – up from 57% in 2016 80% of talent leaders state their recruiting strategy focuses less on cost savings and more on value creation Source: Randstad Sourceright 2019 Talent Trends Onboarding More Painful Than a Bad Date? The Numbers: 80% of employees cite onboarding as an ‘important moment at work’, though 1 in 3 would rather go on an awkward first date 80% of workers say they have experienced some issues at the start of a new job One-third did not receive necessary training 28% were not clear on their responsibilities and goals About 25% did not receive clear onboarding Source: ServiceNow Displaced U.S. Workers Could Cost 1.4M to Train The Numbers: About 1.4 million U.S. workers could be displaced from their job due to technological change and [...]

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By the Numbers January 25, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Soft Skills Trump Others for Employers The Numbers: While technological skills are critical in today’s employment market, soft skills are what employers are valuing most, per a poll from Cengage. 73% of employers are facing obstacles when trying to find qualified candidates, while 65% of employers cite soft skills at the top of their list. Substantial Talent Gap Continues in Tech The Numbers: Per a survey from Modis and General Assembly, 80% of decision-makers in tech stated there is a talent gap impacting their industry. In spite of this, 67% plan on increasing headcount this year – which is a decrease from 2018 at 79%. Of these respondents, 41% stated that ‘finding talent with the appropriate technical skill set needed is somewhat much more difficult’. The Majority of Workers Would Consider Relocation The Numbers: 62% of workers would look at relocating for a new position, per a poll by Robert Half. Another poll [...]

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By the Numbers January 18, 2019

BountyJobs Bites More Than 50% of D.C. Workers are Hot for Amazon Jobs The Numbers:  Three-fourths of IT professionals and 60% of Millennials would quit their job and accept a role at Amazon if offered, per a survey from Eagle Hill Consulting to workers polled in the Washington, D.C. area. 71% stated that a higher salary would lure them away, with more interesting work and working for a progressive company coming in at 45% each. Employee Experience in Workplace Typically Doesn’t Exceed Expectations The Numbers: One out of ten employees felt their overall work experience significantly exceeded their expectations – only 38% said their experience was ‘awesome’ or ‘great’. 23% stated their compensation was not competitive and felt their rewards were below or well below those of other companies, per a survey from Alight Solutions. Buying Power Decreased in 2018 The Numbers: The small compensation gain of 1.1% in Q4 2018 did not impact the [...]

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By the Numbers: January 11, 2019

BountyJobs Bites Job Cuts Increased by a Third Year over Year The Numbers: Between 2017 and 2018 job cuts within the U.S. labor force increased by 29% per a report from Challenger, Gray and Christmas, Inc. This was the highest increase since 2015. Retail was the industry with the largest amount of cuts at 98,563 jobs in 2018 – which marked a 29.15% increase over the 76,084 jobs that were eliminated in 2017. Technology followed retail in the highest amount of cuts at 86,341 positions in 2018 (a 124% increase over the same period in 2017). British Army Focuses on Recruiting Gen Z and Millennials The Numbers: The British Army reportedly understaffed and has launched a new multiyear, $600 million advertising campaign. Young people between the ages of 16 and 25 have become the focus as Major General Paul Nanson stated that the British Army would like to dismiss negative stereotypes surrounding Gen Z and [...]

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By the Numbers: January 4, 2019

BountyJobs Bites December Jobs Report: Unemployment Increase, Job Growth The Numbers: “The U.S. Labor Market saw an increase in employment in December, closing the year with the addition of 312,000 total nonfarm payroll jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' monthly jobs report. The growth occurred in health care (+50,000), food services and drinking places (+41,000), construction (+38,000), manufacturing (+32,000) and retail trade (+24,000). The unemployment rate rose from its sustained 49-year low of 3.7% to 3.9% in December, and the number of unemployed people increased by 276,000 to 6.3 million.” Private Payrolls Increase by 271K The Numbers: Per ADP and Moody’s Analytics, private payrolls soared by 271,000 – the best month since February 2017. An earlier forecast from Reuters saw the growth at 178,000. Professional and health services were at the forefront of growth, with medium-sized companies doing most of the hiring. Minimum Wage Increases Hit 19 States The Numbers: The new [...]

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By the Numbers: December 28, 2018

Happy New Year! Not sure how this happened, but we are at the close of another year once again. Talent acquisition in 2018 was quite the year -  we saw the historically low unemployment rate drop even lower, the alleged skills gap get wider, the adoption of technological innovations grow larger, the continued addition of new generations (we're looking at you, Millennials and Gen Zers), the list goes on and on. Day in and day out we at BountyJobs roll up our sleeves with a mission to support those in talent acquisition - arming you with the tools to assist you in having your most successful year - landing those ideal candidates quickly to keep you nimble and ahead of your competition at all times.  We put together this overview of reports and webinars published this year as a quick go-to resource. For starters, bookmark these pages: Reports and Guides Hub Blog Hub Annual Reports [...]

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