>>By the Numbers: October 4, 2019

By the Numbers: October 4, 2019

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Majority of Employees Plan to Stay Where They Are

The Numbers:

  • 53% of employees surveyed in Q2 were planning on staying in their current jobs that quarter
  • This is a 10% increase from Q1
  • Economic uncertainty is thought to be a cause
  • Source: Gartner

Skills Training Offered More to Younger Workers

The Numbers:

  • 51% of workers aged 55+ were offered job retraining
  • 84% of workers between 18-34 were offered job retraining
  • 69% of workers between 35-54 were offered training
  • Source: Clutch

Value in Upskilling Seen by Both Workers and Employers

The Numbers:

  • 61% of employees said ‘technology helps them perform high-quality work’
  • 70% of organizations had ‘introduced at least one technology designed to increase employee capacity’ within the past year
  • 63% of managers said their ‘organizations haven’t provided them with the resources to improve their skills’
  • Source: West Monroe Partners
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Increase in Women Applicants for Tech Jobs

The Numbers:

  • 72% more women applied for jobs as software engineers and developers than in previous years
  • Many applicants do not have STEM degrees – 35% of female applicants to software engineer and developer roles majored in non-STEM subjects
  • 85% more women applied for data scientists roles
  • 227% more women applied for data engineer positions
  • Source: Handshake

McDonald’s Adopts Voice-Initiated Application Process

The Numbers:

  • McDonald’s applicants can now apply via Alexa and Google Assistant
  • These voice assistants will ask the person a series of basic questions, list jobs available in their area, and send them a link to an application
  • Source: McDonald’s

57 Million Americans Freelance

The Numbers:

  • An estimated 57 million Americans freelance, up from 56.7 million in 2018
  • The income of this sizable group is nearly $1 trillion
  • Source: Upwork Inc.
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