>>By the Numbers: May 29, 2020

By the Numbers: May 29, 2020

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Remote Work May Stick Around Post-COVID

The Numbers:

  • The percentage of employees working remotely will likely drop from the current 53% to 22% after the pandemic
  • This is still more than three times higher than last year’s 7%
  • Source: Willis Towers Watson

Attrition Not Likely During Pandemic Depending on Employer Response

The Numbers:

  • 78% of employed U.S. adults (18+) stated they would not consider a job change during the pandemic
  • 69% didn’t feel they would be able to find a new job during the pandemic
  • 69% of those 44 and younger vs. 55% of those 45 and older would consider changing jobs during the coronavirus outbreak if they felt their current company was not doing enough to protect their employees.
  • Source: Yoh

BountyJobs Reports –
A Talent Acquisition Peer Forum: Solving the Biggest Hurdles of the Next 30-60-90 Days

The Numbers:

This global pandemic is impacting some industries with massive hiring freezes while others deemed ‘essential’ are rushing to fill roles that are supporting critical services during this unprecedented event. In response, we brought together leaders in talent acquisition for a special peer forum to discuss current challenges as well as those anticipated in the coming months:

  • Top blockers in talent acquisition today
  • Pain points to come as this situation progresses
  • Innovative ways peers are mitigating these obstacles
  • Ways to prep for talent acquisition in a post-COVID world
  • Source: BountyJobs – Stream the Webinar Now

Most Employers Expect COVID-19 Layoffs to be Temporary

The Numbers:

  • Two-thirds of employers negatively impacted employee pay such as with layoffs or furloughs in March and April
  • 66% of employers either reduced their workforce or employee pay due to the pandemic
  • Only 10% of employers expect layoffs during COVID-19 to be permanent
  • Source: Salary.com

Consumer Confidence Stabilizes

The Numbers:

  • After a drastic decline in April, consumer confidence stabilized in May
  • The index rose to 86.6 this month from 85.7 in April
  • Source: The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index

Industries with Improved Outlook

The Numbers:

  • Workers within real estate, law, manufacturing and software/information technology have improved positive sentiment about their companies’ outlook six months from now
  • Health care workers are turning slightly more pessimistic
  • Millennials are the most optimistic amidst concerns about the job market and their finances
  • Source: The Workforce Confidence Index

Employees Concerned About Returning to Work

The Numbers:

  • Some employers are facing challenges to get employees back to work due to workers’ health concerns, limited access to childcare, and generous unemployment insurance benefits
  • Many businesses limited or avoided layoffs with the help of Paycheck Protection Program loans that Congress approved under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, although employment continued to fall sharply in retail and in the “leisure and hospitality” sectors.
  • Source: Beige Book

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall by 323,000 Signaling Rehiring is Happening

The Numbers:

  • The week ended May 23 saw U.S. initial jobless claims fall by 323,000 from the previous week to a total of more than 2.1 million
  • Last week’s total brings total filings during the Covid-19 pandemic to nearly 41 million, but a sharp drop of 3.86 million in continuing claims is probably a clearer representation of the jobless level. (CNBC)
  • Source: U.S. Department of Labor

Amazon Offering Permanent Roles to 125,000 Recent Temp Hires

The Numbers:

  • Of the 175,000 temporary roles hired since March, 125,000 will be converted to permanent jobs
  • “As the long-term picture becomes more clear, we’re providing the opportunity for 125,000 of those who came on with us seasonally to stay with Amazon and transition into a regular, full-time role beginning in June,” the retail giant said in a blog post. “Some may choose to return to their previous job and others may choose to stay at Amazon in seasonal or part-time roles.”
  • The remaining 50,000 workers it has brought on will stay on seasonal contracts that last up to 11 months
  • Source: Amazon

List of In-Demand Temp Jobs

The Numbers:

  • Here’s a list of the top temporary job opportunities for the next 30 days – each have thousands of jobs posted for workers needed in the next 30 days:
    • Warehouse workers (e.g., forklift operators, pick/pack workers, shipping/receiving workers)
    • Sanitation workers (e.g., janitors, industrial cleaners)
    • Food processing and preparation (e.g., pastry chefs, food preparers, food assembly workers)
    • Construction laborers (e.g., foremen, helpers, flaggers)
    • Manufacturing workers (e.g., assemblers and fabricators, material handlers)
    • Retail workers (e.g., stockers and truck unloaders for grocery stores and pharmacies)
    • Waste management workers (e.g., refuse collectors, recycling and reclamation workers)
    • Skilled trades workers (e.g., carpenters, electricians, HVAC, solar installers, welders)
  • Source: PeopleReady
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