>>By the Numbers: March 8, 2019

By the Numbers: March 8, 2019

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Report Supports Idea of Declining Gig Economy

The Numbers:

  • Contingent workforce is getting smaller as workers were more likely to have a standard job in 2017 than in 2005
  • 9% of workers were in nonstandard jobs in 2005, while 10.1% were in 2017
  • Source: Economic Policy Institute

Manufacturing Employment Continues to Increase

The Numbers:

  • For 18 straight months, Manufacturing employment has increased
  • This is the longest stretch since the mid-1990s
  • Transportation equipment and machinery production are some that have impacted much of the growth
  • The year 1979 had 19.6 million Americans employed in Manufacturing – today that number is 12.8 million.
  • Source: The Wall Street Journal

Hiring Flexibility in Demand in 2019

The Numbers:

  • 40% of employers plan to hire full-time workers (down from 44% last year)
  • 47% of employers plan to hire part-time workers (down from 51% last year)
  • 50% of HR Managers have current openings with no qualified candidates
  • Source: CareerBuilder

BountyJobs Reports: The New Recruiting Mindset: How to Stay Competitive in a Changing Talent Landscape

The Numbers:

  • 75% of candidates consider your brand before applying
  • 62% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a company that practiced corporate social responsibility
  • 77% of candidates heavily value flexible work options

Majority of Americans Value Soft Skills Over Experience

The Numbers:

  • Soft skills such as time-management, enthusiasm, and dependability without required experience as seen as more desirable than those with the right experience but without soft skills
  • 75% of Americans would most likely hire a job candidate with soft skills but missing the necessary experience or qualifications
  • 36% of Americans would moreso choose a candidate that has enthusiasm and an excitement to learn rather than someone with the right experience
  • Source Yoh

U.S. Nonmanufacturing Activity Increases in February

The Numbers:

  • ISM’s nonmanufacturing index increased to 59.7 in February, an increase from 56.7 in January
  • All 18 nonmanufacturing industries reported growth
  • Source: Institute for Supply Management

Young Managers Approve of Remote Work

The Numbers:

  • Millennials and early Gen Zers in management roles are redefining work by supporting remote work – as well as seeing a need for upskilling and the use of freelancers
  • 50% of these managers are director-level or above, giving them major influence
  • 58% of the workforce is expected to be made up of younger generations by 2028
  • Source: Upwork

Small Percentage of Workers Live Comfortably with Current Salary

The Numbers:

  • 18% of workers say they are ‘comfortable’ at their salary level
  • 85% of workers report a raise of 6% of less
  • 44% of workers got a 3% or less raise
  • Source: Indeed

Employment Increases in 2019 But Labor Market Tight

The Numbers:

  • Late January and February of 2019 saw increases in employment in most of the U.S.
  • Labor markets remained tight for all skill levels
  • Worker shortages in IT, manufacturing, trucking, restaurants, and construction were severe
  • Source: Federal Reserve Beige Book

Analytical Jobs are On the Rise

The Numbers:

  • Abstract thinking jobs like business analysts and consultants have increased 7% as a share of employment
  • Automation has caused repetitive desk jobs, phone operators, and ticket agent roles to decline
  • Source: LinkedIn
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