>>By the Numbers: March 13, 2020

By the Numbers: March 13, 2020

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Tech Pay Increases, HR Pay Growth Lowest

The Numbers:

  • The annual wage growth range for tech workers is 3.2%, one of the few industries that enjoy an annual wage growth more than the average 3%
  • The lowest annual wage growth is in HR (1.2%), Sales (1.2%) and Marketing and Advertising (1.7%)
  • Jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) roles continue to be hard to fill
  • Source: Payscale

DevOps Requires Upskilling

The Numbers:

  • Solid upskilling programs are needed to support the future of DevOps
  • However, 38% of employers have no upskilling program in place
  • 21% say they are working on one
  • Source: DevOps Institute

Strong Jobs Report for IT

The Numbers:

·       The technology industry experienced a net jobs gain of 33,500 positions since the beginning of 2020

·       This is now two consecutive months of employment growth

·       The IT unemployment rate was 2.4% in February which is up from 2.3% last year

·       Source: IT Trade Association CompTIA

BountyJobs Reports – The New Dynamics of Recruiting: Critical Hiring in Talent Acquisition Survey Report

The Numbers:

  • Almost half (46%) of employers are hiring for Operations roles with Customer Service & Support and Engineering & IT following close behind at 43% and 42% respectively
  • 40% of employers have over 100 open roles to hire for
  • 42% of third-party recruiters are planning to fill more jobs in 2020 than they did in 2019
  • Source: BountyJobs Survey

Job Ads Likely to Decline Due to Coronavirus

The Numbers:

  • COVID-19 (the disease caused by the coronavirus) is likely to negatively impact the number of online jobs in the coming months
  • However, the number of jobs on Glassdoor related to the Coronavirus has tripled over the last week
  • Source: The Conference Board

Human Cloud Firms Announce Help for Contractors During Coronavirus Outbreak

The Numbers:

  • Many B2C human cloud firms are putting plans in place to help independent contractors due to COVID-19 concerns
  • Emergency relief funds are being created to cover the cost of doctor appointments and medical expenses
  • “This fund will allow couriers in impacted states to take proactive and preventative steps, and will cover medical check-ups regardless of whether the courier has been quarantined or diagnosed with Covid-19,” according to Postmates.
  • Source: SIA

Q2 Employment Outlook – COVID-19 Impact Uncertain

The Numbers:

  • Hiring intentions globally were stable for Q2, but that was per a January poll
  • Per COVID-19 happenings since then, it is too early to predict
  • Source: ManPowerGroup Inc.

COVID-19 to Impact Healthcare Staffing

The Numbers:

  • While an uptick in demand for healthcare staffing has yet to be seen, hospitals are preparing for that situation
  • “On a limited basis, we are seeing hospitals and our clients taking measures to get ready. But they are asking in advance, not because they have a current staffing need,” Joe Greene, chief marketing officer at healthcare staffing firm Medical Solutions, told Modern Healthcare.
  • Source: Modern Healthcare.com


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