>>By the Numbers: December 6, 2019

By the Numbers: December 6, 2019

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Raises and Promotions Expected in 2020

The Numbers:

  • In Q3 of 2019, worker confidence was at a record high
  • The anticipation of expected promotions saw the largest increase quarter-over-quarter rising from 110.1 in Q2 to 133.9 in Q3 2019.
  • Source: HRO Today Magazine and You

Hiring for Seasonal Roles is Most Stressful

The Numbers:

  • Long, manual onboarding processes cause stress for those hiring holiday seasonal workers
  • Almost 80% of HR respondents say that the time it takes to onboard new staff is challenging
  • 72% stated that handling onboarding paperwork is a struggle
  • Source: Adobe

Most Job Seekers Run From a Bad Candidate Experience

The Numbers:

  • 49% of job seekers have said they have rejected a job offer due to a negative candidate experience
  • A higher percentage said they would discourage family or friends from applying for a job due to a bad experience with the company’s recruiters
  • Source: PwC

BountyJobs Reports: When Recruiter Priorities Compete; Fill Speed, Growing Recruiter Req Loads, and Diversity

The Numbers:

  • The financial and business services sector faces the biggest skills gaps, with an estimated deficit of 10.7 million workers by 2030
  • The U.S. national average across all industries and employer sizes fluctuates between 30 and 40 reqs per recruiter
  • 78 percent of talent leaders view diversity as a top trend that is shaping the future of recruiting

Wage Pressure & Skill Shortages Impact Tight Labor Market

The Numbers:

  • A tight labor market and skills shortages cause challenges for employers paying minimum wage, as they experience difficulties hiring people
  • Source: Federal Reserve Board

Flexibility is Critical for Retail Employees

The Numbers:

  • Collaborative hiring strategies, sharing a skilled talent pool, and using apps with on-demand staffing technology allowing workers to choose their schedules are some tactics adopted by retailers when hiring
  • Source: ManpowerGroup

Low Unemployment Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

The Numbers:

  • While the U.S. unemployment rate remains low, many of the open jobs are low-paying
  • 44% of the U.S. workforce between the ages of 18-64 have ‘low wage’ jobs, a median annual salary of $18,000
  • Source: The Brookings Institution

Talent and Skills Shortage Impacting Next Decade

The Numbers:

  • 59% of workers are optimistic about how technological advancements will impact their careers in the next ten years
  • Talent shortfalls in cybersecurity are a concern as 18% believe the ‘cybersecurity skills gap will be mostly or entirely filled during the upcoming decade.’
  • 81% of respondents said, ‘companies aren’t investing enough in the people skills needed to navigate technological change’.
  • Source: ISACA

U.S. Private Sector Adds 67,000 Jobs in November

The Numbers:

  • 67,000 U.S. nonfarm, private-sector jobs were added in November
  • This gain is severely below the 156,000 jobs that were forecasted
  • Source: ADP National Employment Report

Almost Half of U.S. Companies Increasing Year-End Bonuses

The Numbers:

  • 76% of U.S. companies offer year-end bonuses
  • 48% of those plan to increase these bonuses
  • Another 48% plan to keep them the same
  • 52% of workers expect a bonus this year
  • Source: Robert Half International
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