>>BountyJobs and Namely Partner Up!

BountyJobs and Namely Partner Up!

We are so excited to be partnering with Namely, a leader in HR platforms for mid-sized companies!

Pushing the Talent Acquisition Envelope

This strategic partnership with Namely is part of our initiative to pursue innovation in Talent Acquisition. We’re building a network of like-minded technology providers that are focused on improving the way companies recruit, attract, and retain talent. In this effort, we seek to include companies working to make a positive impact on both sides of the market – employers and agencies alike.

We Say…

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Namely,” said Stacey Steiger, VP of Product and Marketing at BountyJobs. “Harnessing the latest technology to create comprehensive platforms supporting both the talent acquisition and talent management sides of the table provides a much-needed solution for all involved.”

Namely has built a platform that provides HR leaders the technology combined with the data they need to effectively support the employees in their organization. This offering supplies solutions in payroll and benefits administration as well as talent and time management.

They Say…

“Our dedication to progressing HR through supporting mid-sized companies with critical data via Namely’s technology pairs nicely with BountyJobs,” said Michael Manne, SVP of Sales at Namely. “Both companies value the power of consistent innovation married with analytics and effective tools, designed to assist HR and talent acquisition professionals in executing strategic processes and data-driven decisions.”

Looking Forward

This strategic alliance, which combines technology platforms supporting those in HR as well as those in talent acquisition, creates an end-to-end solution in hiring and talent management. Hiring managers are matched to recruiters for the best candidate possible and once the hire is made, have tools in place to support that candidate.


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